What to Pack for the Beach


When I was younger, I would pack my entire closet to take with me on vacation to the beach.. I’d have a new swimsuit for each day, enough clothes to wear for a month & more sandals than I even had a chance to wear.  After years of lugging a 50+ lb suitcase through the airport, I’ve learned my lesson.  It took some time, but I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around the mentality of “less is more” so here is a minimalist’s packing guide for a trip to the beach! Just in case you’re having a hard time sitting on & zipping up your suitcase.. like I used to.

what to pack for the beach2

The main idea is to pack lots of neutrals that can mix and match + a couple dresses + a few key accessories.. My goal here was to keep it light and make it possible for you to get everything packed in one carry-on size bag or to share a suitcase with your husband to minimize the number of bags you have!  Here’s a little explanation for why I chose the items above. updated 4/2018

  1. breezy tee | I picked a white pocket tee because I love white in the summer & it is so versatile. It can go with any of the bottoms you’re packing & its simplicity makes it that much more chic.
  2. tank | This is an easy piece to take that will break up a completely neutral wardrobe.. I love this blush color of course, but olive green or light blue would be pretty too!
  3. trendy top | I specify trendy here because it doesn’t necessarily have to be an off the shoulder like this, even though I LOVE them!  Adding this piece to your bag will keep your outfits from being too boring & when you look back at the pictures in a few decades you can say to your kids, “oh that ___ was so IN back then!” haha.
  4. long sleeve | I’m usually always chilly from a day in the sun & the air conditioning on high at most places in the evening, so I always bring along a long sleeve top for such occasions.
  5. boyfriend shorts | The boyfriend shorts I got last summer are a favorite of mine.. I love how effortless they look with the breezy tee, sneakers & a top knot!
  6. white shorts | White shorts always make a fresh tan look even more pretty so they are a necessity.. plus they go with everything.  White on white is also super chic!
  7. swimsuit | You can never go wrong with a red one piece.  Obviously I’ll be taking a couple more with me, but I’m maxing out at three-one wet, one dry & one in the wash.
  8. cover-up | One of these is enough. Just make sure to lay it out or throw it in the dryer (on low!) at the end of the day so it’s dry for the next.
  9. jumpsuit | The lightweight fabric of this jumpsuit is perfect for an evening stroll on the beach and I LOVE the wide leg!
  10. black maxi | This is beach must have.  For a casual dinner on the bay, or a late brunch, you can throw this on to be ready in a flash.
  11. t-shirt dress | Dresses are one of the easiest (and lightest) things to pack for vacation, so having another shorter option is always a good idea.  I like the classic grey and the loose fit to stay nice and comfortable in the heat.
  12. linen pants | I grabbed a black pair at Old Navy last year, but I’m loving this green!  Any color will work, stripes would be fun too, but this is the epitome of beachwear.
  13. beach tote |  This can double as your purse on the plane, so pack an extra outfit and swimsuit in this just in case your bag gets lost if you check it!
  14. sneaker | I’ve sang their praises a thousand times over so I don’t need to explain why you need them, but a big tip I have is to wear them on your flights so they don’t take up precious space in your suitcase!
  15. straw hat | Accessories can easily work as your “third piece” on hot days when an extra layer is the last thing you’d want to put on.  Add a bracelet or two, a pair of stud earrings, and a cute necklace in your bag & you’ll be set for the week.
  16. sandal | I like these sandals for two reasons; they’re comfy and they can be easily dressed up or down.  You can wear these to walk around the city all day without getting sore feet, but also to dinner with the maxi in the evening.


Obviously I left out the bare essentials like PJ’s & underthings, but here’s your reminder just in case!  I hope this was helpful if you are headed somewhere warm anytime soon– or hey, it could even double as a start to your summer capsule wardrobe!


Overalls.. yay or nay?

denim overalls  Since last spring when I saw this maternity session with a mama in overalls, I’ve wondered if I could pull them off.. or if I’d end up looking frumpy.  I mean if she can look that cute in overalls with a belly, surely I can without, yes? But are they just a trend? Will I wear them for one season and then throw them to the back of my closet and never wear them again? I don’t know. Almost every single photo I’ve seen of other girls wearing them, I have liked. So here are a few pairs I found that I would actually consider purchasing.

denim overalls.jpg

light shortallsshortalls distressed | white

I think the plain denim shortalls, why do I find that name funny?, may be the most timeless.. but I think I may prefer the light version with a little distressing.  White could also be a timeless option, but I think I’d get more use if they were shorts so I could wear them in the summer without being too hot.  My favorite pair is definitely the distressed capri length, though.  I think the distressing is just in the right places, it could be worn throughout spring, summer and fall, & I like the length surprisingly.  I would for sure be going the more casual route with these. If you could wear them with heels, more power to ya, mama! But not me. I’d pair them with a classic stripe tee, a pair of sunnies, my converse, dainty jewelry, & a nice beachy wave in my hair.

photos via pinterest

What do you think? Yay or nay on the overalls? Do you have a pair you love?


Swim to Mama

I tried on a one piece for the first time the other day & I have to say, I didn’t hate it! I definitely needed a M for length and the girls so I didn’t buy it because they only had a small and large, but it has me hopeful that I’ll find one to fall in love with.  I have literally always worn two piece Victoria’s Secret swimsuits that I purchase during the winter’s semi-annual sale.  I think every swimsuit I currently own I purchased that way.. but when I looked through the catalog this season, I couldn’t find a one piece I liked enough to pay $100 for even on sale! I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m really going to be wearing this suit for the rest of the summers that it fits, I should invest in one that I find to be flattering, comfortable, & will hold up well through the massive amounts of chlorine it’ll endure.  I’ve been following Amber on Barefoot Blonde for a while now and I see her on vacation at the beach wearing the cutest one piece suits.. so I searched her blog to figure out what brands she’s always sporting.  Nananette Lepore, Trina Turk & Mara Hoffman are a few she mentioned that she likes.. and they ‘aint cheap!  So my search began.

The thing I struggle with the most is what size to order.  There are so many mixed reviews online for each of these that it almost makes it harder. I’d say I have a little longer torso than most, but everything else on my 5’6″ frame is pretty average. So I want to order a medium or a 4/6, but then I worry that the top may be too loose or the bottom too saggy! If could go my entire life without any embarrassing slips happening, I’d be forever grateful.. tysm!

Anyway, I’m dying over this suit; haaaa in my dreams, $300+ swimsuit no way.  So I found this lookalike from target–ahh $45. much better. The high neckline and scalloped edge is adorable, but then I read the reviews and everyone complains that a nipslip is highly likely + there’s no support in that thing at all. Ashton: 0 Suit:1 Here’s one that is freakin’ cute.  I like that the ruching is across the whole suit (not just the midsection) so it looks intentional and adds to the style.  At $127 it’s a stretch, but it could be justifiable if it satisfies my 3 contingencies: flattering, comfortable, & durable.  Now on to this one. I’ve seen it on a few other mamas and love it, but is the black too boring? Or is it too classic, not to mention concealing, not to get it? The peplum on this tankini is also cute, but again with the black and I also worry it’s too juvenile? And finally, I have this one in my cart at anthropologie.. ahh I just don’t know if I can pull the trigger.