7 Days of Beach Waves

Since our beach vacation is only a little bit more than a month away, I thought it’d be fun to continue with a few posts related to traveling.  That includes last week’s packing checklist, today’s 7 days of beach waves & a roundup of all things baby next week! I always like posts like this so I can find out how other families make it all happen.. because traveling with children is essentially a circus act.

 One of my biggest issues during trips to the beach, or really anywhere, is my hair.  I find that it always ends up an afterthought & I feel like I end up looking frumpy in pictures.. This time, I’m determined to make it a priority without sacrificing a whole lot of time each day to “do it”.  To accomplish that, I’ve come up with this game plan.  Of course, it’s not perfect & I doubt I’ll follow it to a T, but at least it’s a starting point.  The beach wave trend in hair going on right now definitely helps my case, but I’m shooting for a little more variety. Here’s what I’m thinking..


(Airport) We don’t fly in until 7:00pm, but to make the next few days easier, I’ll start the trip with freshly washed hair and a loose style with some product already in. I’ll probably go with the 901 wave I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


 This will be our first full day, so we’ll be anxious to eat a quick breakfast and head to the beach.. I’m hoping to rely on the previous day’s leftover style to make it through the day.  For nighttime, I’ll throw in a loose twisted crown braid.


Now I’ll be on 2 day hair + a beach day, so I’ll have some texture to work with.  I’ll shoot for a half-up top knot & hopefully it will last for the whole day. If it’s windy or I want my hair off my neck, I’ll do an inverted braid underneath and pull it all up.


I’ll definitely need to wash my hair by today, but I don’t want to waste our precious time by the ocean washing, drying & styling..my solution is to wash it first thing in the morning then add some texturizing spray and a braid in front then let the rest air dry.  For the evening, I’ll take out the braid, throw in a few quick waves with the iron and be ready to go.

I have yet to plan a style with a hat yet, so I’m thinking this lace-braided updo at the nape of my neck would look so cute peeking out from under the hat.


As long as it was able to hold up through the elements in the previous day, I’ll do another half-up top knot on this day, but add in a tiny braid that can hang on the side for a little extra flair.


We don’t leave until the afternoon, so depending on how much time I have, I’ll either wash it once more to go home with clean hair or do a braid up front with a low pony and call it a day.



I also started a beach hair board on Pinterest to have at the ready because I always like to have back up options.. and in case you were wondering, the only tools/products I’ll be taking with me are: my trusty wet brush (just act like you can’t see the hair in it), a curling iron, bobbi pins, a hair tie, hairspray, dry shampoo & my favorite texturizing spray-hair shake.

Here’s to a vacation spent viewing the ocean & my two main men.. not myself in the mirror! 


Weekly Menu 15/52

   Boy did we have an eventful weekend! We saw my nephew in a school lip-sync battle on Friday, we went to our single A baseball team’s game on Saturday and on Sunday we ran a bunch of errands to get stuff for hanging Rhett’s new swing, mulching the yard and grocery shopping.  We’re planning our trip to IKEA for next weekend to finish up pergola decorations, then I’ll let you see her in all her glory! I can’t wait. This week Danny chose our menu so none are new to us, but they may be for you!

Here’s what it looks like:
BBQ Chicken Thighs & Pasta Salad
Chicken & Biscuits Pot Pie
Turkey Burgers & Oven Fries
Shit on a Shingle
Steaks on the grill

My favorite is the turkey burger; I searched everywhere for the recipe I used to always use, but couldn’t find it! The recipe I linked is the closest one I could find, so I’ll follow the directions on the recipe, but also top it with a sliced green apple under the cheese! So good.  Also, can you tell we aren’t fish lovers? I want to start including it on our menus, but my dilemma is that I really have to be in the mood for it & Danny doesn’t love it unless it’s deep fried in all it’s deliciousness.  Anyway, I thought I’d include a recipe for fish today in case you’re looking for one to try.. maybe if I cooked this salmon teriyaki recipe, he’d like it?!

Have a great Monday!


Just Things

 Temps are supposed to be in the 70s this weekend, so I’m going to be spending all the time I can outside getting stuff done in the yard and on our patio.  I’m also going to have Danny bring the grill back out so we can start eating outside again.. ahhh the little things. 

Isn’t this dress swoon-worthy?!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.54.09 AM.png

I’m dying to have a photo of Rhett & me watercolored by this talented illustrator!

If I could get my house to look half as good as ANY of these I’d never leave!

I created a beach hair board on Pinterest to get ideas for what to do with my hair on our  vacation in May, but it’ll work for summer styles too!

These photos will make you smile

They’re magically delicious!” will never sound the same again.

Looking for a FREE bouncy calligraphy font to use? I recently came across magnolia sky on dafont & it is strikingly similar to my lettering..

free bounce calligraphy font


 200 ideas of things to do with kids outside! I’ll be swinging Rhett in the swing my mom got him under our pergola every afternoon :)