7 Days of Beach Waves

Since our beach vacation is only a little bit more than a month away, I thought it’d be fun to continue with a few posts related to traveling.  That includes last week’s packing checklist, today’s 7 days of beach waves & a roundup of all things baby next week! I always like posts like this so I can find out how other families make it all happen.. because traveling with children is essentially a circus act.

 One of my biggest issues during trips to the beach, or really anywhere, is my hair.  I find that it always ends up an afterthought & I feel like I end up looking frumpy in pictures.. This time, I’m determined to make it a priority without sacrificing a whole lot of time each day to “do it”.  To accomplish that, I’ve come up with this game plan.  Of course, it’s not perfect & I doubt I’ll follow it to a T, but at least it’s a starting point.  The beach wave trend in hair going on right now definitely helps my case, but I’m shooting for a little more variety. Here’s what I’m thinking..


(Airport) We don’t fly in until 7:00pm, but to make the next few days easier, I’ll start the trip with freshly washed hair and a loose style with some product already in. I’ll probably go with the 901 wave I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


 This will be our first full day, so we’ll be anxious to eat a quick breakfast and head to the beach.. I’m hoping to rely on the previous day’s leftover style to make it through the day.  For nighttime, I’ll throw in a loose twisted crown braid.


Now I’ll be on 2 day hair + a beach day, so I’ll have some texture to work with.  I’ll shoot for a half-up top knot & hopefully it will last for the whole day. If it’s windy or I want my hair off my neck, I’ll do an inverted braid underneath and pull it all up.


I’ll definitely need to wash my hair by today, but I don’t want to waste our precious time by the ocean washing, drying & styling..my solution is to wash it first thing in the morning then add some texturizing spray and a braid in front then let the rest air dry.  For the evening, I’ll take out the braid, throw in a few quick waves with the iron and be ready to go.

I have yet to plan a style with a hat yet, so I’m thinking this lace-braided updo at the nape of my neck would look so cute peeking out from under the hat.


As long as it was able to hold up through the elements in the previous day, I’ll do another half-up top knot on this day, but add in a tiny braid that can hang on the side for a little extra flair.


We don’t leave until the afternoon, so depending on how much time I have, I’ll either wash it once more to go home with clean hair or do a braid up front with a low pony and call it a day.



I also started a beach hair board on Pinterest to have at the ready because I always like to have back up options.. and in case you were wondering, the only tools/products I’ll be taking with me are: my trusty wet brush (just act like you can’t see the hair in it), a curling iron, bobbi pins, a hair tie, hairspray, dry shampoo & my favorite texturizing spray-hair shake.

Here’s to a vacation spent viewing the ocean & my two main men.. not myself in the mirror! 


El Nino

Long time no talk! We have been battling what feels like the plague throughout the Rynearson household the past week so I’ve been feeling pretty drained.  I’d like to say I’m finally feeling better, but she’s still hangin’ on. ugh. BUT! It’s a new week and there’s too much shopping and wrapping and planning to be done to be sick in bed all day.  So onward and upward we go!

Remember how I said we’d be in the freezing temps from Halloween ’till April? Well, this year we have had unseasonably warmer weather.. and this mama ‘aint complaining.  I guess el nino is what is keeping the mild weather around and supposed to last through January. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had snow and been below freezing, but this is nothing in comparison to most Indiana winters.  Which got me thinking about warm weather and the beach.. so for fun, I’ve rounded up some things that would be useful for mama & baby to take to the beach..  Maybe you’re headed to see the ocean for the first time soon!? Even if you’re not, it’s fun to imagine the wind in your hair and salt on your lips (from the margs of course!)


I think vacation is a great time to bust out the more “trendy” sunglasses..for fun! Plus, squinting gives you wrinkles.. wear some cheap mama shades + baby shades to protect your eyes! This 50 states book would be great if you’re going on a road trip to see the beach or even just to have around for learning the states. A beach radio that you plug your phone into? Genius! Plus it’ll keep your phone safe from the sand and water. I don’t know what is exactly the smartest thing for Rhett to wear to the beach, but I’ll probably try a swim diaper underneath a pair trunks + hat.. it seems like a good idea!? I’d get this swimsuit for myself; it’s got a fun pattern and is a one piece to mask the “extra” I have from the baby without feeling like I’m a nun. A drink spike for said marg. Baby powder to easily get the sand off baby’s feet when it’s time to go in, a fan to keep everyone cool if there isn’t a breeze, & beach pails for the inevitable sand castle papa will help build.  This beach bag is made of canvas and looks big enough to hold all these little items with extra space.. & I like the print. I’ve heard that turkish towels are the best beach towels to spread out for everyone to sit together and last but not least, both mama & baby need their own donut float + crab float for relaxing back up at the pool.

We have our first family beach vacation scheduled for Memorial Day weekend next year.. right after Rhett’s first birthday.  So I’ll definitely be coming back in a few months to order some of these goodies! You can never be too prepared for things like this.  Luckily, we are going to the beach that Danny’s grandma lives at so we won’t feel too isolated.. Danny grew up going to visit her, so it’s very exciting for him to take his own baby for the first time!


Road Trippin’ 

A couple weeks ago, we went on a trip to visit my parents in Nashville, TN.   It was Rhett’s first long car ride and he took it like a champ.  However, since returning from said trip, he absolutely loathed car riding. So going into a trek across Canada, we were hesitant to say the least.  At the last minute, we decided to leave on Thursday instead of trying to make it to Niagara Falls in one fell swoop Friday morning.. So we left around 3:00 in the hopes of making it to London, Ontario before midnight– mind you, that’s only five hours away so we had pretty low expectations.  Things were going swimmingly until we crossed the border.. we completely forgot that our phones wouldn’t work as our map beyond border patrol unless we wanted to pay astronomically for data/roaming- which we did not.  After the initial shock of what in the hell were we thinking?! how can we make it without our phones all weekend?! we pulled over to frantically search for the address to the hotel so we could put it into the car nav and be back on our way.  A few wrong turns and reroutes later, we finally reached London.  Before settling into our hotel, we went on a wild goose chase for Bacardi and Coke because Danny was too chicken to smuggle some in and I guess the people in Canada don’t like easy access to liquor?  Around 11 we finally laid in bed, drank a cocktail and dozed off for the night.  Needless to say, Rhett was the least of our worries on this drive, but he barely made a peep nonetheless.

The next day we wanted to leave soon after breakfast so we could make a pit-stop for lunch at a small town called Niagara on the Lake.. I’d read good reviews of the shops and the food so being only a half hour away, it was worth the detour for a quick stop.  And we are so glad we did.  Charleston, SC is one of our favorite cities for the charm and this little town had an abundance of it.. old restored homes, carriage tours, tons of lush plants, small shops selling all kinds of local handmade things, a fudge shop for Danny, parks to sit and picnic, and even a marina.  This area is also the perfect place to do a few wine tours, and if we didn’t have Rhett with us, we would have definitely made an afternoon of it.. A good portion of drive to the Falls from here was lined with long rows of grape vines!  If you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls, the short drive to Niagara on the Lake won’t disappoint.

Once we see Niagara Falls, we are pleasantly surprised.  I thought that nervous nelly may only give me time for very quick look & picture, but it was much more enjoyable than I expected. (A few years ago when we saw the Grand Canyon, Danny had a death grip on the railing not even near the edge, so expecting the same for this was my way to not be disappointed)

the niagara falls

fallsview marriott

We walked down the length of the viewing area, got a milkshake, and through the madness of Clifton Hill…which is the understatement of the century when you’re pushing a stroller!  When we finally reached flat land, we stopped at a mexican restaurant ready for a drink & nachos for 2.

Saturday morning we went down to the lobby for some coffee (the SBUX toasted graham is just -okay- in my book) and breakfast with a view.  Onward we went to Toronto; about an hour drive around the lake & perfect timing for Rhett’s morning nap.  Check-in wasn’t until 3pm so once we arrived, we unpacked the stroller and went out to explore.  We found the Eaton Centre which is their four level mall with only one way to get to each of them with a stroller.. a tiny elevator that every other person with a stroller is trying to use too.  Regardless, it was fun to look in their shops and people watch.  I searched high and low for a plaid scarf as my souvenir, but never ended up finding one. Bummer. Then we went to the St. Lawrence Market for a piece of pizza and a coke, and I fed Rhett.  It was a place I could see myself shopping at for fresh cheeses, meats, and produce if I lived in the city.  Later, Rhett went for his first swim in the pool-which he loved, and we all relaxed for a bit before making the journey to Chinatown for dinner. I had an authentic hot and sour soup that blew away any other one I’d ever tried, and Danny ordered his usual chicken fried rice.  Surprise surprise.

smiles from Toronto


On Sunday we asked the concierge at the hotel how far away Polson Pier was and he had no idea what we were talking about, so we had no clue what we were really looking for.  Once we found it the pier was just that, but the view was amazing.  We snapped a few photos and were on our way back in 10 minutes.  Next on the agenda was to walk to Rogers Centre for the Rays vs. Blue Jays game. We parked the stroller at the stroller valet & Rhett napped almost the entire time in the Solly Wrap- perfect time for momma to have a beer. We walked around the stadium, Danny had a hot dog and fries, we watched an inning from our nosebleed seats and left. Then we made the jaunt to what they call the mink mile–just about any high-end store you can think of.. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermès etc. so the definition of window shopping! Our dogs were barking by the time we made it back to our hotel so we stayed in and ordered room service for dinner.

Monday morning we checked out early and had a pleasant and uneventful 7 hour drive home.  All in all, Rhett is pretty much a stud when it comes to traveling.  He did great almost the entire trip and we are so happy to have our first family vacation down in the books.

bw family square

 Now I just need to get this shirt, and I’ll be all ready for our next trip.  Any suggestions on family-friendly cities that may be a fun place for us to visit?