Tot Threads: Pastel Spring

We’re expecting another dusting of snow tomorrow so we aren’t out of the woods yet, but I’m aching for spring.  Going outside in the fresh air, seeing my plants sprout new flowers, and watching my little rugrat hopefully learn to walk! He is just starting to get brave enough to stand up on his own for a few seconds, but once he realizes I’m not holding him, he immediately plops down on his butt haha.  So while we’re stuck inside, I thought I’d share some things that have caught my eye recently.  Call me crazy, but I can’t wait for the day when we can finally retire the winter attire! ;)

tot threads spring.jpg

hat | oxford romper | linen overalls | mint sweatshirt | short-sleeve sweatshirt | olive trousers | hunters | denim jacket

I’ve had my eye on that denim jacket forever.. I love that it has the hood and sweatshirt sleeves as opposed to just a regular denim jacket.  And those baby blue hunters!? I can’t.  There’s something about these muted/pastel shades that I love so much more than the bold brights.. what about you?

We ordered a GoPro to use for family videos (on trips especially!) & it just arrived in the mail yesterday, so I’m off to play with that before Rhett wakes from his nap!


Tot Threads: SS2016 Capsule

ss2016 baby capsule

 I recently went through Rhett’s closet and assessed the things we’ll need for him in the coming months.  My only problem is deciding what size to buy.. he technically falls between 6-12 months, but he’s so close to being a year old that it makes me nervous. And if he is still only in the 15th percentile when it comes to weight and height, he’s definitely smaller than average. IDK! I could cry thinking about buying 12-18 month clothes, so maybe that’s the real reason I’m hesitant. Where’d my tiny baby go?!

Anyway, I follow the minimalist mindset when it comes to my closet as well as his, so it should be no surprise that I have a pint-sized capsule wardrobe to share with you today.  Here’s what I’m thinking for his closet to last him through the spring & summer (& hopefully his future siblings, too!)

spring summer baby boy capsule

Tops81 tee | blue tee | henley | rock & roll | romper | gray tee 
Bottomsshorts | olive pant | joggers | jeans | chino short | gray short | teal shorties
Layeringstripe tee | white oxford | bunny face | utility jacket | sleeveless hoodierhino 
Shoeschucks | sandal | moccasins | hunters | nike frees
Accessorieshat | trucker hat | fedora | frames | sunglasses | rashguard | trunks   

Some of these pieces we have already (a few are similar because I couldn’t find the exact item online) & some are on the list.  I keep a running list on my phone so I am always on the lookout for something we need.  And we always try to get the biggest bang for our buck, so we shoot for higher quality pieces on sale.  I’ve always said I’d rather put him in the same shirt 20 times that I spent $20 than 20 different shirts at a dollar a piece..but that’s just me.  Now that he’s getting older and going to be a lot harder on his clothes, we may have to rethink that theory, but until then… that’s our plan and we’re stickin’ to it!

The key to a capsule wardrobe is to keep the color scheme neutral & cohesive so all parts can mix+match with a few pops of color.  And much like your own wardrobe, layering and accessories are what pull it all together.  I also wanted to mention that swimsuits are included because I plan to spend a lot of time outside playing in the sprinkler or at the pool! Now, let’s get to the fun part.. how many outfits do you think I can come up with?

Well there’s 15 distinct outfits.. if I remembered anything from my college calculus class, I could tell you exactly how many, but that’s too mach math for this mama brain! 


Tot Threads: Christmas Jammies

I said that I’d be giving Rhett a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve every year as a tradition (not a new concept I know, but I like it nonetheless).  Here’s my dilemma.  I like the look of traditional things– monograms, simple/clean lines, timeless pieces.. ya know? Why can’t I find anything in his size that fits in those categories??  We’ll inevitably take a few hundred pictures on this morning in our pajamas and I can’t come up with one. single. thing. that I’m perfectly happy with!

tot threads jammies.jpg

See.. the ideal set is the one in the middle. I can even have it monogrammed on the pocket! The problem is that the smallest size is 1yr– Rhett would be swimming in that!  I guess any of the others would work, but I’m being kinda picky because I like the one in the center so much.  What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for where I could find a 6-9 month set like the one in the center? I haven’t given up hope yet, but I’m running out of time!