Closet Staple: Utility Jacket

utility cargo green jacket

I posted this picture on insta and had a few friends asking about a budget-friendly option for a similar green jacket.. so this morning I’ve been scouring the internet to find a cheaper version than my Madewell fleet jacket. I will say that I love the fit and color of my coat.. it’s versatile and I consider it a staple for my wardrobe–which is why I believed the price was a little more justifiable.  Nonetheless, I’m always looking for a good deal and honestly, I like some of these jackets in addition to the one I currently own!

closet staple the utility jacket

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I think these are all pretty good alternatives! I saw the second one in Target right after I got mine and thought, “if I didn’t have my new one I’d totally buy this!” #3 I am really considering to purchase. I love the color and length; it could be worn with a long tunic and I wouldn’t have to worry about it sticking out the bottom! But if I had to choose which one is most similar to the fleet jacket, I’d say #6.  It has the ties, pockets, and is very similar in color. I really hope this was helpful and one of them will work for your wardrobe.  Like I said, this is a closet staple so choose one that you love the fit and color and it’ll be well worth the $$!



Polish your Wardrobe in 7 Easy Steps

condense your closet

I was girl in college who took 25 shoe boxes up 8 flights of stairs and crammed them high up in her 4×4 dorm room closet.. I had enough clothes to get me through an apocalypse freshman year and far far beyond! Since the day I moved out of that dorm, carrying each one those shoe boxes to the car, I told myself–no. more. And I’ve stuck to that promise.  Here’s what I did to condense my closet, and how you can too!

7 steps to condense and organize your closet for a more polished wardrobe

STEP 1: Remove everything from your closet

I mean EVERYTHING! There are two reasons for this.. (1) so you can see how much closet space you’re actually working with & (2) you only put back what you’re keeping.

STEP 2: Sort your things into categories

Think very narrow so that you can have a pretty good grasp of what all you own and for what purpose.  When I do my closet, I have: tanks/short sleeve tops/ long sleeve tops/ cardigans or button ups/ jackets/ denim/ leggings/ shorts/ dresses/shoes/ scarves

STEP 3: Go through each category and determine the things you’ll keep vs. toss (or donate!)

Only keep the things you can actually see yourself wearing! Forget how much you paid for it or how trendy it is.. think back to the last time you wore that shirt or how many times you have. If you can’t remember either, it’s likely not something to keep.  If you’re on the fence about keeping a piece, here’s a trick.. put that hanger on the rod backwards; if it’s still backwards by the next season, then get rid of it!

STEP 4: Hang and fold everything and assess

As you put each category back into the closet, sort them by color. I usually put mine in order like this: Tan|White|Gray|Black|ROYGBIV.  The reason for sorting by color and category is so that when you make a shopping list in step 5, you can visually see colors/styles you may or may not need to add to your closet.

STEP 5: Determine the “holes” in your wardrobe & make a list

Look through your closet and start making a list of things you think you need–I keep a running list in the notes on my phone that I use when I go shopping.. it has everything from a tan trench coat, to a LBD, to a striped long sleeve tee on it! Also, think about the direction you want to take your style.  Being a new mom, I have shifted my focus on purchasing things that I know I’ll wear over and over, are easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.  Don’t forget basics and accessories! Throwing on a scarf with a plain white tee and denim creates intention and adds style to an otherwise plain outfit.

STEP 6: Shop! (Cautiously)

Be diligent and stick to what is on the list!  Make good decisions based on the information you gathered when you cleaned out. Say, if you threw out every Forever 21 shirt, but kept all the ones you have from The Loft, then maybe don’t even tempt yourself by looking through Forever 21.  Here’s also where quality vs. quantity comes to mind.  FORGET THE SALE RACK (for now)… I don’t say this because I don’t want you to find good pieces on sale, but that you want to purchase things you actually need over something that is “a good deal”.  If it so happens that the one thing you’ve been eyeing goes on sale or happens to pop up unexpectedly in the sale rack, then by all means, have at it!

STEP 7: Reassess for each season

This one is important for maintaining an organized and useful closet.  If you determine your needs by the seasons by using your already established categories, you can streamline the process of shopping and getting dressed.  That being said, be creative when it comes to remixing; that tank you usually only wear in the summer can easily be used as a layering piece for fall!

 There ya have it! Standing by the “less is more” concept elevated my personal style (I mean I’m no style blogger) because now I only buy what I like to wear, so I use what I have to put together outfits that I feel good wearing & it shows.
I promise, you can do the same! 


On Sale Now

We all know too well that the words sale & clearance can make us both very happy and very broke quite quickly. However, one must sacrifice the time do to the dirty work in order to benefit from such. Let us unite in our magnetism to the sale rack & today, allow me do the digging for you. Here are a few things I’ve found that I think are some pretty good deals, or just plain pretty.


If you’ve been looking to follow the trend in handbags, this Rebecca Minkoff bucket bag is sure to win you over.. at 40% off, it’s one hellofa deal!

I have heard nothing but good things about AG jeans, so these would be a fall staple if you’re looking for a cute distressed pair.. perfect with a pair of booties!

I’m not sure how I feel about a sleeveless turtleneck, but they are all the rage this season.. hurry to get one now & wear while you still can.

A tall pair of brown or black boots is a necessity for your closet! Sam Edelman makes a great boot, and this pair (while only 10% off) is just that.

The ultimate fall accessory, a plaid scarf— only $10.99!

I have lusted over the black dots pattern for months now, and this tub chair is perfection.

Let this vest do double duty for you this fall…it’s reversible!

The mugs with the funny sayings get me every time.. Here’s one & here’s another for all the mug collectors out there.

If I had just one occasion I could see myself wearing this Free People dress in the near future, it’d be mine. Buuut I don’t… so here’s to hoping I can live vicariously through you when you purchase it!

Do the shopping for your beau & buy him these awesome suede shoes.

NARS Heat Wave is one of the best lipsticks.. You’ll feel like a million bucks wearing this orange/red semi-matte lip!

May the sale be ever in your favor! xo.