Step into Spring

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I highly doubt I’m alone when I say how much spring makes me want to clean everything– bathrooms and cupboards and closets.. it’s liberating! Once you’ve cleaned out said closet, it’s time for a reassessment of your needs.  Remember this post on the 7 steps to polishing your wardrobe?  Heres the gist of it: after removing, categorizing, & purging, you need to assess, make a list & shop–then reassess seasonally!

So are you ready to take spring inventory? Ask yourself, what am I going to wear the most? What does my lifestyle demand from my wardrobe? What colors do I & my closet need?  Is there anything that could be replaced? Anything too big/too small? Here are a few pieces that I think would be great and transition seamlessly into summer, wherever you are!

spring edit

swing dress | romper | midi skirt | chambray dress
trench | gingham | olive tee | overalls
lace up sandals | bralette | panama hat | phone case

 Muted colors, breezy fabrics, and layering is how I like to step into spring each year.  It’s usually pretty back and forth with warm and cooler days here, but I’m hopeful that El Nino will bring us a warmer than average spring, so these pieces reflect that.  I’m definitely going to make sure one of these light trench jackets makes it into my closet this year because I’ve loved them for quite some time now.  There’s also something about olive and blush together that makes me all kinds of happy.  See that inspiration photo above? I die. I really wanted to include a pair of olive linen pants on this list, but I couldn’t find any that I liked quite yet.  I also find such value in dresses and rompers because they can easily transition into summer.  Plus, one article of clothing as an entire outfit? Give me more!   I’m loving the lace up shoe trend and that soft taupe shade is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.  And I always find myself accessorizing with hats on warmer days, so that panama hat is perfect & the phone case was too pretty not to include :)

I hope this was helpful if you’re looking for some spring wardrobe inspiration!  And if you find you need help polishing yours, check back to this post for a more detailed step-by-step guide!


Overalls.. yay or nay?

denim overalls  Since last spring when I saw this maternity session with a mama in overalls, I’ve wondered if I could pull them off.. or if I’d end up looking frumpy.  I mean if she can look that cute in overalls with a belly, surely I can without, yes? But are they just a trend? Will I wear them for one season and then throw them to the back of my closet and never wear them again? I don’t know. Almost every single photo I’ve seen of other girls wearing them, I have liked. So here are a few pairs I found that I would actually consider purchasing.

denim overalls.jpg

light shortallsshortalls distressed | white

I think the plain denim shortalls, why do I find that name funny?, may be the most timeless.. but I think I may prefer the light version with a little distressing.  White could also be a timeless option, but I think I’d get more use if they were shorts so I could wear them in the summer without being too hot.  My favorite pair is definitely the distressed capri length, though.  I think the distressing is just in the right places, it could be worn throughout spring, summer and fall, & I like the length surprisingly.  I would for sure be going the more casual route with these. If you could wear them with heels, more power to ya, mama! But not me. I’d pair them with a classic stripe tee, a pair of sunnies, my converse, dainty jewelry, & a nice beachy wave in my hair.

photos via pinterest

What do you think? Yay or nay on the overalls? Do you have a pair you love?


Swim to Mama

I tried on a one piece for the first time the other day & I have to say, I didn’t hate it! I definitely needed a M for length and the girls so I didn’t buy it because they only had a small and large, but it has me hopeful that I’ll find one to fall in love with.  I have literally always worn two piece Victoria’s Secret swimsuits that I purchase during the winter’s semi-annual sale.  I think every swimsuit I currently own I purchased that way.. but when I looked through the catalog this season, I couldn’t find a one piece I liked enough to pay $100 for even on sale! I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m really going to be wearing this suit for the rest of the summers that it fits, I should invest in one that I find to be flattering, comfortable, & will hold up well through the massive amounts of chlorine it’ll endure.  I’ve been following Amber on Barefoot Blonde for a while now and I see her on vacation at the beach wearing the cutest one piece suits.. so I searched her blog to figure out what brands she’s always sporting.  Nananette Lepore, Trina Turk & Mara Hoffman are a few she mentioned that she likes.. and they ‘aint cheap!  So my search began.

The thing I struggle with the most is what size to order.  There are so many mixed reviews online for each of these that it almost makes it harder. I’d say I have a little longer torso than most, but everything else on my 5’6″ frame is pretty average. So I want to order a medium or a 4/6, but then I worry that the top may be too loose or the bottom too saggy! If could go my entire life without any embarrassing slips happening, I’d be forever grateful.. tysm!

Anyway, I’m dying over this suit; haaaa in my dreams, $300+ swimsuit no way.  So I found this lookalike from target–ahh $45. much better. The high neckline and scalloped edge is adorable, but then I read the reviews and everyone complains that a nipslip is highly likely + there’s no support in that thing at all. Ashton: 0 Suit:1 Here’s one that is freakin’ cute.  I like that the ruching is across the whole suit (not just the midsection) so it looks intentional and adds to the style.  At $127 it’s a stretch, but it could be justifiable if it satisfies my 3 contingencies: flattering, comfortable, & durable.  Now on to this one. I’ve seen it on a few other mamas and love it, but is the black too boring? Or is it too classic, not to mention concealing, not to get it? The peplum on this tankini is also cute, but again with the black and I also worry it’s too juvenile? And finally, I have this one in my cart at anthropologie.. ahh I just don’t know if I can pull the trigger.