The first word that comes to mind when I think of flowers is love.  Partly because I have such fond memories of the hundreds that Danny has given me over the years, but also because I truly appreciate and admire their beauty.  Flowers have a way of making me feel jovial & alive.. likewise, they make the perfect gift.  As an obvious go-to for Valentine’s Day, the price of flowers are artificially high right now.. so here’s a way you can DIY a small gift for your mom or your bestie or even yourself with just a few simple blooms.

3 types of flowers & 1 greenery
a pair of shears
A few small bud vases

When choosing your flowers, look for a variety of small blooms in the same color family with lots of greenery.  Picking a limited color palette makes it possible to mix & match without looking too wild– I chose white, pink & red for a classic Valentine’s look.  The greenery also does wonders in making each arrangement look more full.

Once you get home, disassemble the bouquet & lay out your blooms on a flat surface. Then strip all the stems so they are free of their leaves –you don’t want them decomposing in your water! To start, pick your vase, fill it with water, then choose a bloom and work your way out (don’t forget to snip each end at a 45 degree angle).

Depending on the diameter of the neck of the vase, you’ll either have room for a few stems or maybe just 1 or 2.  And unless you plan on keeping them together as a group, try to think of each arrangement individually. They all will look slightly different based on the vase & the amount of blooms you have, so don’t get caught up trying to make them all look the same.  The three things I focused on are height, fullness & texture.   Play around! This is the fun part!



Wouldn’t they make a lovely surprise to deliver to your gals this week?




I think my interest in entertaining all began when I planned our wedding.  Then once we bought our house, we finally had the space to have people over for small get togethers. Today I thought I’d be fun to share with you a few of the parties I have hosted and planned in the past year. With the exception of my sister-in-law’s bridal shower (Danny’s Aunt & I did that one together), I did them all myself.  I designed the invitations, decor, homemade the chocolate dipped pretzels.. everything! I truly have so much fun doing it & I don’t see my love for entertaining dying down anytime soon.  Without further adieu,  here are the four parties I hosted in 2015:

Danny’s sister’s bridal shower was last January.  The colors for her wedding were pink and orange so I knew we had to make her shower just as bright & colorful.  Since she got married on the beach, I thought flamingoes would be fun to add here and there, too.  We had a caterer come to the house to make brunch–mini pancakes, cheesy potatoes, the most delicious mini quiches, fruit & mimosas.  And a friend of mine who bakes made the most beautiful cake & cupcakes.  Everyone took pictures with the bride in a makeshift photobooth & they all took home an Essie nail polish as their favor!  I got the idea for the balloon arch on Pinterest & a lady from the party store that we rented the chairs & linens from helped that come to life.  I thought I could do it myself, but she came with a special machine that blows the balloons up in about 5 seconds so the arch was done in a matter of 20 minutes; that would have taken me at least a week!

Then in April, I hosted a happy hour baby shower..for myself. lol. Well, it really was like my mom throwing it for me at my house. Since she lives in Nashville, it seemed to be the most logical to have it here.. plus I didn’t mind getting to help plan another party! Also, it was a little more relaxed than a typical shower–we invited all the guys too! This event is definitely lacking photos because I was busy up until the minute before everyone arrived so I didn’t get a chance to take many.  Nevertheless, we served small appetizers like cheese and crackers, fruit, & veggies and then my mom homemade 4 different kinds of pizzas for everyone to nibble on.  They were delicious, but I feel bad that my mom was busy for most of the party & couldn’t just sit back to enjoy it.  She also had a lady from Nashville decorate cookies for our favor; they were the cutest decorated crowns, mustaches, & onesies! I made these chocolate dipped pretzels & displayed them in a cigar box to hand out to the guys.  Isn’t it cool there’s actually a real cigar with my name on it?! Oh! I should mention that Babylist is the best place to do your registry! You can put items from any store, etsy shop, services (like home cooked meals!), hand-me-down clothes, gift cards.. anything! on your list. I found it super easy & such a relief when I knew I wanted things from stores that we don’t have in our city.

 Then we had Danny’s side of the family over for this shower. It was right before Cinco de Mayo, so it only seemed fitting that we had a fiesta theme.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I handmade each one of those tissue paper flowers with instructions from Pinterest & it literally only took some floral wire, a package of colorful tissue paper & time..lots of time! We had a taco bar, fruit, chips & guac etc.  And zebra cakes on a stick were supposed to be a funny favor for everyone because it was a running joke that I ate those all the time when I was pregnant.

 And most recently, I hosted my side’s family Christmas.  Our gift exchange was a favorite things theme, so this event was is a combination the two. I don’t want this to be too repetitive, so you can see our menu that I planned in this post, and how the night all went down here if you didn’t catch it previously.  Ultimately, everyone went home happy with the gifts they chose, the meal was great, & we had a lot of fun together.

So those were the parties I hosted last year.  They may not be the fanciest or most elaborate, but I had fun planning them and my guests enjoyed themselves, so I consider it a success.  This year I’ll get to host Rhett’s first birthday party, maybe something for Danny’s 25th birthday, I want to get together with some girlfriends in the summer, & I hope to have Christmas at our house again! Lots of fun to be had.. only this year, we’ll have a little toddler around to give us a few more laughs!


All Heart Eyes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner & I already can’t wait.  The dollar spot is filled to the brim with heart-shaped goodies and it just makes my heart swell.  This year is absolutely going to be the most fun to celebrate holidays with Rhett.. He’s eating real food now (so we can indulge every once in a while) and he’ll be able to do easy crafts with me before I know it.  If I muster up the courage to try, I’ll be making these heart-shaped cherry pies for our Valentine breakfast <3

all heart eyes for

onesie | camera | stickers | tote |

candle | balloon | garland |

I’ve already got a start on Rhett’s present, but I think I’ll get him the balloon & those jammies to finish it up. The print on the onesie is adorable & I seriously think that a balloon on a string could keep him entertained for hours. Those felt ball garlands I’ve seen pop up everywhere–this one would look so cute hanging above a festive chalkboard quote. Stickers were a favorite of mine growing up and who can resist a yummy smelling candle to burn all day?

Every year for Valentine’s Day, Danny and I skip the fancy restaurant and instead do a fondue dinner at home.. we’re entirely too cheap and don’t want to eat dinner at the only reservation time slots left for 2pm or 10pm, so I don’t see those plans changing anytime soon! We usually cut the cheese lol. & opt for a broth-based entree course with ravioli, shrimp, chicken, steak, small red potatoes and mushrooms, then a chocolate fondue dessert with fruit, rice krispies & brownie bites, and of course a cocktail or three.   As for Danny’s gift, Rhett and I are going to snap a bunch of selfies during the day to hang with those mini heart clips, I’ll get him a funny card like this, and likely a pair of calvins #stayclassy #bae