Adventures in Food

Rhett has been eating food for almost two months now, but we really only started giving him meals as of late.  He hadn’t been sleeping through the night as much and we thought it was because he was starving by the middle of the night, so we decided it was time. I want to continue breastfeeding until he’s at least a year old, so finding a good balance of food to milk is crucial.  I recently got the Real Baby Food book and inside there’s a feeding schedule guide that’s super helpful. (There are also recipes for new eaters all the way up to 1 year olds & beyond)

After exclusively trying baby-led weaning for a few weeks, we found that feeding him with a spoon is easier and a lot less mess to deal with while he’s still young. However, we still give him some things to pick up and eat on his own, so I’d say we are combining spoon feeding & BLW for now. He does eat a lot of the things we eat, though; not only plain purees.  For example, if we have tacos for dinner we’ll give him small bites of the ground beef, avocado, corn, and beans to try. Babies his age need more iron than a grown adult, so getting enough of that is super important.  Iron from animal sources (like meat, fish, poultry) is absorbed better than iron from plant sources, so we try to feed him as much of those as possible..and it doesn’t hurt that he loves them all!  I also have made some of the puree recipes the book suggests & I don’t hesitate to add any spices or seasonings that I’d add if I were eating it myself.  We also use an iron-fortified oatmeal to supplement his meals & he actually loves it.  He sees me getting it ready and starts grunting, groaning & kicking his feet until he gets the first bite haha. All in all, I think this book gives me the advice I need when it comes to the age in which he’d be ready to move on to more advanced foods & flavors and recipes to help round out his diet.  I’m willing to do almost anything to not have a picky eater & they say the more foods you introduce early on, the better!

feeding essentials.jpg

I also wanted to go through a few of the things we consider essentials now that Rhett is eating solids. A high chair is a no-brainer & having baby up at table-level helps them feel included in the meal.  I love ours because it’s quick to wipe down, it can roll around the kitchen (so he can watch & be with me while I cook), and I love the design.  A silicone bib is a must.. again, it’s super easy to wipe clean and it can be rolled up to use on the go.  Right now we put a small portion of whatever he’s eating into a ramekin to feed him so that we’re not contaminating the storage container of the rest of the puree/food. I don’t think he’s quite ready for a plate/bowl of his own yet; I have a strong feeling he’d pick it up and dump the entire thing off the edge. And I love the colors of the spoons & forks we have! Plus, it feels good knowing they are made of recycled milk jugs.   I wasn’t sure when he was supposed to start using a sippy cup, but the book suggests giving a little water during each meal now! So I’m on the hunt for one that is easy for him to hold, won’t leak, & can grow with him.. possibly even one with a straw? If you have any that you & your baby love, please let me know in the comments!

I hope this was helpful if you too are just starting your baby on solids & looking for the things you’ll need.. that book is an awesome resource!


6 Months


 I don’t know how it’s possible that we’ve had Rhett for over six whole months already. He has honestly been a dream baby..which scares me for the next one. I read a funny story about a mom nursing a babe while having to walk her diaper-less 2 year old to the potty as she’s pooping.. I just know a version of that is gunna be me.  Karma is gunna get me back. So for now, I’m just going to smile and thank my little Rhett man. These 6 months have truly been the best of our lives.

WE CALL HIM: Rhett, Rhett man, bubba, boobie man, mister Rhett
STATS: 15th percentile for weight and length, 50th percentile for head circumference & no teeth yet!
WEARING: 3-6 months, size 1 & 2 shoes
MAJOR MILESTONE: He started the army crawl… we aren’t far from baby proofing the entire house!
SAYS: “mmm” when he wants something & “mom”
LIKES: Sleeping *by himself* (he does not like to cuddle haha), looking at himself in the mirror, the dog, taking baths with mom, sucking his left two fingers backwards, listening to music, reading books
DISLIKES: Being buckled in the car seat, going to sleep & waking up, laying on his back, raspberries
FAVORITE FOODS: Still nursing, but we started introducing solids like sweet potato, peas, bananas, blueberries.. all of which he has seemed to enjoy.  The only thing he’s refused so far is a french fry haha.
FAVORITE THING: Our phones, electrical cords or shoelaces & drinks (like anything I put to my mouth)  Put any of these things out in front of him and he’s close to an all-out sprint to get to it.
FAVORITE TOY:  Sophie (we call him Gerry) the teether goes with us everywhere & Rhett can’t get enough of him.
CUTEST TIC: There have been two so far.. for a few weeks around Halloween, he would growl/babble in a really deep voice that sounded like darth vader which was so cute. Now, he scrunches up his nose and sniffs like a dog over and over. It’s hilarious!
FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR: Handing him a *whole* chocolate chip cookie and walking away without telling anyone.. queue the near death choking.
MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR: Watching him nosedive off the end of the footrest of one of our chairs.. I was sitting right there & getting ready to move him before it happened, but I never said I had quick reflexes! #facepalm


Danny and I say to each other how cool Rhett is all the time.. he’s literally our favorite thing.


Baby’s First Christmas


I recently came across a gift wishlist guide I think we will use for our kids. It includes 4 things: a want, need, wear, & read. I think it’s silly to use Christmas as an excuse to let kids make a list of every.single.thing. they want and expect “Santa” to bring it, so this is a great alternative.  I think it’ll help everyone stay focused on the time we spend together being the celebration and the gifts are an added bonus. Also, since it’ll be a few years before Rhett can tell us what he wants for these four things, this guide is particularly helpful for us first-time parents…it definitely helps pare down the list to not go overboard! 
baby's first christmas

WANT | This swing would be perfect for inside or outside; I think Rhett would love it + it is beautiful!

NEED | Rhett is just about to start eating foods so his Christmas is going to be full of the things he’ll need for that.  I love this high chair and have heard so so many great reviews.

WEAR | As I said previously, he always needs pj’s & this pair is so cute.. I can’t get over the little guys skiing on it!

READ | This book is technically for me–well aren’t they all since I’m reading them to him?–but I think it would be an excellent resource and will help give Rhett a solid foundation for healthy eating.

We will likely do an advent calendar too though because I remember it being so fun as a kid & it will help keep us in the holiday spirit throughout the month! There are so many beautiful DIY calendars on Pinterest that I don’t know which one to choose.. maybe this one? or this? I can’t do tiny trinkets since Rhett is so little, but I can use this as a way to give him a fun activity of opening a present that I would have bought him anyways.. I’m thinking his first ornament, snacks, socks, his Christmas pj’s, cookie cutters for a baking activity, utensils, a hat etc. I’ll do a follow-up post of the things we choose!