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I wanted my choices to be easy to access and have clickable links, so this was the easiest way I could do it for you.  I hope, if nothing else, this series inspires you to have nothing but things you LOVE in your closet that make you feel like a million bucks!



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Show Mom Some Love

I will celebrating my first real Mother’s Day this year (I say “real” because I think being pregnant last year still made me a mama).  But this year, I’ll actually get to smooch on my baby who turns ONE ten days later.  How a year has gone by already is beyond me.. Anyway, if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day this year, I’ve got you covered!

First, let me ask you this–
What is her favorite thing to do? Or what is she most proud of? 

Your answer will help with the next part.

mothers day

If you answered that entertaining is her favorite thing to do, your mom would be considered the hostess. Getting her a new set of flatware or a cheese board would be great for the parties she enjoys hosting.  Also, you could try picking out a new wine for her & her guests! to try.

Answering that she’s most proud of the garden of flowers or vegetables she’s grown would make her the green thumb.  Gardening takes diligence and appreciation, so make sure you do the same when you’re picking her gift.  Ideas would be to get her a birdhouse, or a beautiful watering can or even putting together a set of hand creamgardening gloves and a ring dish would be thoughtful!

Sometimes something you’ve had to do ends up being something you love to do after time.  Cooking for your family could be something your mom learned to love.. & if that’s the case, she’d be considered the cook. I’m sure that a new set of spatulas, a nice cake stand, or salt & pepper mills would make her very happy.

If your answer to the question was that she’s most proud of the family she built, or her favorite thing to do is play with her grand kids, I’d consider her the sentimentalist. Nothing could make her happier than a handmade gift, or a journal to write notes to her grand kids in, or a photo book of you all!  You could do as I did last year and make it a recurring gift–each month I sent my mom a new book filled with pictures of Rhett!

If none of those ideas suit her just right, I’m thinking she may be the busy bee. In that case, she needs to find a way to relax.  Maybe with a new set of pajamas, a luxury beauty product, or even a gift certificate for a massage!

Don’t forget the presentation is important, too! Here are two wrapping papers that I love-roses & dots. Ultimately, finding something meaningful that your mom will enjoy is the best way to show her that you love and appreciate her.. even if that’s just time spent together.  All I want from my baby is a morning snuggle & a few belly laughs throughout the day.

Good luck shopping!