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Tomorrow morning we are getting up early to drive up to Ann Arbor to do some shopping & hit the IKEA which is only 30 minutes from there.. I’m so excited! I have my shopping list all ready and can’t wait to finally finish off the patio decor.  Plus, who doesn’t love shopping at IKEA? I’m such a visual person so their strategy definitely works for me. I’ll try to snap some of what we’re up to, so I’d love for you to come join us on snapchat! 👻ashtonrynearson.

spring go-to outfit

Remember those Gemma sandals I mentioned before?! Here’s a link for 25% OFF at Nordstrom!  And if I had to pick one go-to outfit for spring,  it’d be lace-up sandals, a pair of distressed jeans, a white tee, a light gray cardigan & a blush crossbody.

Did you know that 50% of the world’s children are potty trained by 1 year old?  I found that to be incredibly interesting, so I went crazy looking up all you need to do to make it happen! These two books are on my reading list early start potty training and elimination communication.. because hey, I’m all for diaper-less babies!

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar has lots and lots of health benefits, so I recently started adding it to my diet.  The first time I took a shot of it straight up and about puked. Ha!  It was so so sour & awful.  Then I searched for a recipe that would make it taste better.. I settled on a recipe of 2T ACV, 1t honey, 1/3 cup pineapple juice & a dash of cinnamon which makes it edible, but I still have to down it as quick as I can.

This article on self-awareness suggests 12 exercises that can fuel happiness and success.. I’m going to try playing devils advocate with myself! Sounds hard, but I think it could be good for me.

 I found what I hope is the perfect neon coral lip! At only $6 it’s worth a try.. this shade is called indie flick, but they have a whole bunch of other pretty options if this one is a little too bright for you.

nyx indie flick

Would you ever dine in the nude? ….in public?! This pop up restaurant in London will give you that chance!

Happy Weekend!

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