30 Before Age 30



You know the feeling when you’ve seen something or heard something multiple times & you think, is this a just coincidence or is it a sign? This week I’ve read a version of the “do it now” quote three separate times from totally different sources.  So I asked myself when I read it again this morning, is this sign?  Maybe it is. I guess the only way to find out is choose to either listen or brush it off.  As I thought about what “do it now” means, I have to decide how big that “it” is.  Is it to sell everything we have and travel the world? Or splurge on a treat every once in a while?

I’d say it’s somewhere between the two.  And because I’m an idealist-realist (yes I made that up) who loves to make lists, I have for you today the 30 before 30 list that I wrote when I turned 23.. in no particular order.

  1. Get married
  2. Buy a house
  3. Get another puppy
  4. Start lasting family traditions
  5. Start a family
  6. Take a hand lettering class
  7. Live and love a new city
  8. Buy a new car
  9. Go on vacation with just mom
  10. New Year’s somewhere fun
  11. Take an art class
  12. Eat something you’ve never had before
  13. See Paris with Danny
  14. Find out our genealogy
  15. Buy bikes & ride them!
  16. Run another half marathon
  17. Surprise Danny with a trip to Vegas
  18. Learn to play the violin
  19. Make friends with other mamas
  20. Choose healthy vs. skinny
  21. Take baby to the beach
  22. Find happiness in everyday things
  23. Grow a vegetable garden
  24. Buy a designer handbag
  25. Offer my time to charity
  26. Go to a concert
  27. Do something that scares you
  28. Start a collection
  29. Go sailing

Obviously I’ve already done some of these, but I didn’t want to ruin the list by striking through them.. so all that’s left to do is to decide if I’m going to listen or brush it off.  Maybe it was that I was supposed to write this so YOU’D get up and do something?!

Let’s both choose to do it now.


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