Just Things

 Temps are supposed to be in the 70s this weekend, so I’m going to be spending all the time I can outside getting stuff done in the yard and on our patio.  I’m also going to have Danny bring the grill back out so we can start eating outside again.. ahhh the little things. 

Isn’t this dress swoon-worthy?!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.54.09 AM.png

I’m dying to have a photo of Rhett & me watercolored by this talented illustrator!

If I could get my house to look half as good as ANY of these I’d never leave!

I created a beach hair board on Pinterest to get ideas for what to do with my hair on our  vacation in May, but it’ll work for summer styles too!

These photos will make you smile

They’re magically delicious!” will never sound the same again.

Looking for a FREE bouncy calligraphy font to use? I recently came across magnolia sky on dafont & it is strikingly similar to my lettering..

free bounce calligraphy font


 200 ideas of things to do with kids outside! I’ll be swinging Rhett in the swing my mom got him under our pergola every afternoon :)


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