Weekly Menu 14/52


After another eventful weekend with my parents in town from Nashville for my mom’s birthday, we woke up with full hearts and a list of errands. We woke up, cuddled in bed for a bit and then came down to get the day started.  Which always includes letting the dog out and feeding her breakfast, making my first cup of coffee, doing any dishes & starting a load of laundry.. all with Rhett on my hip because he’s fussy about being alone on the floor playing when he first gets up. On the list of errands for today includes a trip to the grocery to pick up the stuff for this week’s menu.  Ready for it?

Sweet Potato Burritos (haven’t had these in a while!)
Chicken Fajitas & Fresh Salsa
Caprese Pasta (new!)
Crockpot Ribs (didn’t have last week)
Skinny Chicken & Avocado Caesar Salad (new!)

Last week I tried to make zucchini bread and got everything out to make it, then realized I forgot the flour at the grocery store. Well I guess I didn’t forget, but I chose not to buy it since I was shopping with Rhett in the stroller and I didn’t want to get flour all over the basket.  But I’d forgotten that I made that decision when I was getting everything out. So long story short, I’ll also be making a batch of zucchini bread using the recipe below.


See the date on that?! 1991. The thing is almost as old as me! But I love knowing one of my grandmas wrote this and used it herself way back then.. which is why I started a collection of hand-written recipes myself to pass on one day.  You should too! Oh, and write it in cursive so it’ll look REALLY old! lol.


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