Just Things


I’ve really come to enjoy these posts on Friday.. There’s something so freeing about being quick and random to share with you all the things I’m loving at the moment; just like I would talking with a friend over coffee.

April showers bring May flowers, eh? Give Rhett and me a matching pair of these rainboots and we’ll splash through puddles with a smile all month long!

I love Shay Cochrane’s work. She takes styled stock photography that is just beautiful.. her aesthetic is so distinctive that I could pinpoint her photos in a lineup if I had to!  Such an inspiration.  And she even sends out a freebie each month if you sign up for her mailing list!

Have you seen the new series The Catch? Ohhh I love it.  Shonda can literally do no wrong. #TGIT

If you’re looking for a gift idea for your mom or grandma or sister, I’ve got the perfect one for you.  Get a few nice cards and wrap them all up together in a box for her to have on hand at all times. I decided to paint a couple cards myself for my mom’s birthday on Saturday, but this way is a lot easier if you’re not so familiar with a paint brush or lettering!

Danny’s grandpa recently passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and it’s hit the family pretty hard.  Seeing a person go through that is rough and totally makes you put life into perspective..but what do you say to someone who just lost a family member or someone close to them? Here are a few ideas.

This article on NOT punishing your child is thought-provoking; “We don’t change their children. We change the parents, so they can change their children.”

Trying to decipher what that emoji means? Enter: The emojipedia. You’re welcome.

Oh and while I’m here with my besties, I have a question for you! I’m looking for a neon coral lipstick for summer.. have any suggestions?

Happy Weekend!

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