A Letter to Myself for 2026

Ten years from now, I’ll be 35 years old.  By then, I’ll be in the midst of raising our children.. here’s a letter to myself for 2026.

Dear Ashton,

I hope this letter finds you on a good day. One that started with a warm cup of coffee on the patio or a run around the neighborhood. Rhett’s going on 11 years old! That’s amazing to think about. How are his siblings? I hope they aren’t too hard on you. How’s Riplee? She must be getting some white on her by now; give her a treat for me.  I’m writing this letter to remind you of a few things…things you may have forgotten over the years.

First, let me remind you who you were in 2016.

A new mama with short red hair who can’t remember the last time she shaved her legs.  You liked to learn from other mamas on periscope & instagram with your iPhone 5. You found recipes on Pinterest and cooked more often than you went out. You lived in that two story on Ravenwillow & danced to music in the kitchen with Rhett and a sink full of dishes.

You worried about the unknown; the world Rhett would grow up in, how many kids you’d have, and if they’d go to public or private school. You dreamed of getting to finally move to a new city to enjoy a new kind of life. You loved to travel. You were often quick to get upset.

You lived for trips to Target and the occasional Starbucks drink. You spent your money wisely and tried to save as much of it as you could.. you know, for the future?  You dreamed about a open & bright white kitchen that would be the center hub for the family.  You loved to paint, take pictures, and draw.

You adored your baby boy & cherished spending every day with him; even though some days were hard. You smiled at the thought of seeing him on the beach for the first time.. this was the year he got to do that! You dreamed of winning the lottery and where you’d live if money was no object. You loved spending evenings out on the patio with Danny making s’mores under the stars.

Most of all, you were strong. and brave. and determined.

Now, let me tell you this.

It’s okay if there are still dishes in the sink or Rip’s paw prints on the floor or laundry to be done because there always will be those things..they are the necessary evils of a life that’s spent living.  Hopefully you have a few helping hands that can make those chores a little more entertaining; that’s where memories are made!

Look out your window.  Do you see what you and Danny dreamed and planned on for years and years? Does it look different than you imagined back in 2016? Even if it does, I hope you enjoy where you are.

You have the instinct and the patience to be a rock for your family.  They need you. Just as you are.  Don’t let the little things get the best of you. 

Go see a part of the world you’ve never seen before! Don’t worry about the money, make it work. Traveling is the only thing you can buy your kids that will make them richer.

Do you still create? Do you paint? Draw? Letter? Write? Take photos? If you don’t, make time for it! It fuels you. It frees you. 

You deserve a love that transcends the years.  Does Danny still surprise you with flowers? Does he give you time off to go pamper yourself? Does he still tell you you’re beautiful? He better. You are worthy. 

Most of all, you ARE strong. and brave. and determined.
…and there’s still time to make all of your dreams come true.

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