Weekly Menu 12/52


I want to start by sharing a broccoli salad recipe I made this weekend that was really easy and tasty! I made a special trip to the grocery for these items since I didn’t know until later in the week that I needed to take the dish with us to a family cookout, but it only ended up costing $7 !! (without the mayo & vinegar I had at home).  I did make a couple changes to the recipe, however.  I doubled the broccoli and sunflower seeds, used grapes instead of cranberries (eyeballing the amount of grapes), only a half a pound of thick cut bacon, & probably only 2/3 cup of mayo. I can definitely say I’m more of a chef than a baker.. I hate to measure anything, so if that’s not you just follow the recipe and I’m sure it’ll be just as good! I’ll be making it a few more times this summer, for sure!

This week we’re having:
Cilantro Lime Chicken (new!)
Meatloaf & mixed veggies
Breakfast Casserole (new!)
Homemade pizzas

Danny’s mom is having Easter at her house on Sunday, so I’m taking along deviled eggs and maybe this brussels sprout salad!

I’ll leave you with this gem from the alpaca show we went to this weekend! Lol. 



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