St. Patrick’s Day

I watched a scope last night from Jenna (@jennaskitchen) where she talked about how she forgot about St. Patrick’s Day & how Pinterest ruined her life because it has made even smallest (dare I say insignificant) holidays become an elaborate celebration like Christmas.  And it made me realize that I don’t want to fall into that trap.  While I love any excuse to do something fun to celebrate, I want to make sure I focus on doing it in little ways. I just can’t imagine having the expectation of #allthethings once my kids are old enough to understand. So I decided that our leprechaun is going to deliver spinach for green smoothies & we’ll have a rainbow lunch! Hahaha.. I mean, those I can do. Why do we even celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? I really have no clue.  

It’s fun and exciting with kids to get them in the spirit and see the joy and excitement on their faces, but I want to set the bar reallllly low for myself.  Once they are older, I’ll let them decide what they want.  If they ask to make a trap because that’s what all the other kids in their class are doing, sure! of course we’ll make one.  But am I going to say, oh honey we NEED to make a trap for the leprechaun!!? No.

So if you love the chance to make holidays like this one just a special treat, you’re not alone. and THAT’S OKAY. We can meet at the park and talk about how we weren’t up until 1:30am laying out gold coins, and making a mess of leprechaun feet all over the house, and dying the toilet bowl green.. and our kids are still smiling!

st patricks day
& maybe they’re wearing green if that shirt just so happened to be clean.


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