13 Basics to Define HIS Style

Since I’ve done a post on style staples for myself, I thought I’d also do one for guys.. on the off-chance you are your husband’s stylist or he needs a little help in that department!?  Just remember that you’ve got one chance to bring him these ideas, so choose your timing wisely! ;)

mens closet staples

My husband is extremely hard to shop for.  He’s a self-professed brand whore on a budget… which doesn’t work very well for shopping.  He has a stocky, athletic build and is average height so a lot of what’s in style now just doesn’t seem to fit right on him.  I’ve worked on trying to get him to branch out a little and actually choose to “get dressed” instead of just throwing something on, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do.  Because he’s so picky I find myself just giving up.. however, in my ideal world, he’d have these styles at the ready in his closet and actually choose to wear them.

01: Linen jacket | A versatile jacket for almost any season.  Date night? Throw this on over any plain tee with dark jeans and the wingtips and he’s ready.

02: Zip hoodie | These are so effortless cool in my opinion.  I love the look with a v neck and wayfarers in the summer.

03: Henley long sleeve | For cooler fall days, he can wear this tee with shorts and his tennis shoes without looking frumpy.  The button detail gives it a little more interest than just a plain crew neck.

04: V-neck tee | Something about a v-neck makes a tee on my husband look so much more manly and put together.  You can literally get these anywhere, so just find the one he likes and he’ll always reach for it! win-win.

05: Graphic tee | My husband prefers the Tommy Bahama tees, but if I got to choose I’d pick the really soft vintage style like these.  Ultimately, the guy has to have his go-to shirt, just like the breezy white tee on your side of the closet!

06: Dark wash jeans |  Finding the perfect pair has been a battle with my husband, but I think we finally found one we can both agree look right.  Not too baggy, not too long, not too tight, and not too light.

07: Twill shorts | A must have for spring, summer & fall.  Go with a classic style and color to match with anything, or if you’re guy is adventurous (unlike mine) see if you can get them in a bold color like red or teal! Oh, and an ideal length for these is to hit an inch or two above the knee.

08: Belt | He needs one that casual, but dressy.  You don’t want one he can only wear with a suit or only wear with khaki shorts, ya know? I suggest going with leather and an understated buckle, like the one above.

09: Oxford shirt | This one is tricky for a guy like mine.  It’s definitely a relaxed casual style and my husband prefers more sporty casual. Does that make sense? So it’d be an easy addition to your guy’s closet if he’s kind of in the middle.. I could totally see mine sporting an outfit like this one eventually.

10: Sneakers | The most important part about tennis shoes is to get a pair that he won’t want to ruin.  You want him to be able to wear these with athletic shorts to the gym, but also with twill shorts and a tee to run errands with you.

11: Wingtips | Something your guy shouldn’t live without.  You can find them at almost any price point, so go with what you can afford without sacrificing comfort.  And you’ll need a belt in a coordinating color, so if you choose black, get a black belt.

12: Sunglasses | Timeless and traditional is the way to go here.  I’d suggest an aviator or wayfarer style that he can wear year after year.

13: Watch | Watches are to men as bras are to women, in my opinion.  There are hundreds of options, price points and styles.. so unless you know what he likes already, just let him pick out the one he wants.  Otherwise, it won’t get worn! My husband has always said he wants a Movado one day, but could I pick it out for him? #nowayinhell.


*this message was husband-approved :)

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