In My Cart

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t necessarily have a shopping problem, but a shopping cart problem.  I’ve got something sitting in carts on almost all my favorite online retailers just waiting for me to press checkout.  I actually find it much harder to hand over my digits for the card online than handing over my card in store. And probably the most irritating and biggest reason they are sitting in the cart.. shipping. Are we ever going to live in a world that always has it free? Honestly, can’t they all just hide it in the price of the items and make me feel like I’m not getting ripped off?! So I thought it’d be interesting to share what my carts look like right now at five different stores. To preface this a little,  I’ve been looking for a few things for the patio, Easter goodies, clothes for all of our closets, & new bedding.. but I haven’t looked at any of these before right now, so let’s hope this isn’t a dud. haha.


There are a couple things I think would be cute for Rhett’s Easter basket, but I’m not sold yet.. I think I’ll look in stores around here first.  And we’re going to have to break down soon to get baby gates because Rhett knows how to climb the stairs now.. buuuuut I think they’re a rip off! And I hate going back and forth through them & the dog will get stuck on one side and scratch at the wall to get through, ugh. Just the thought of it makes me sick.. so that’s why they’re sitting there staring at me in the cart. Do I sound like a little kid? “but mooooommm do I have to??” hahaha
amazon cart


We’re planning a trip to IKEA once the pergola is built so this is really just the start of a shopping list.  This is likely where 95% of the things we’ll have decor-wise outside will come from (that we don’t already own) because they are inexpensive, cute & replaceable.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.17.57 AM


IKEA doesn’t sell the globe market lights like these so I have them here.  These are the least expensive I’ve found thus far, but I’m hesitant on the white string.. and of course they don’t sell this one in black. ugh.  The wood eggs I’m going to get to do a craft for Easter!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.31.41 AM


Waiting to catch a good sale at GAP, they’ll eventually have one. The shark PJ’s will be perfect for our trip to the beach in May! :)

gap cart


I should just empty this cart right now because Danny said the duvet looked like a little girls room, haha. And I love all the glasses, however I think I should put starting another collection on hold until I have the space.  But seriously, look how pretty this is. Doesn’t it make you want a collection of your own?!

All of this is frivolous.. except those damn baby gates. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for an alternative? I really like the mesh retractable ones, but come on $135 for one of those is even more of a joke! HELP.


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