Weekly Menu 11/52

 Why is it that when you’re waiting for something it always seems to take forever? Today is my father-in-law’s birthday and his gift is supposed to arrive in the mail today so I’m waiting to run my errands until it shows up.. it’s now 1:00 and the mail lady has yet to arrive.  On any other day she’d have been here by now, damnit. So as I wait, I thought I’d write up this weeks menu. It’s supposed to be warm, but rainy and gloomy all week so not quite time to bust out the grill yet. Here’s what we’re having…

Asian shrimp stir-fry (the one I mentioned last week)
Mexican chicken & rice
One pot baked ziti
Irish beef stew & mashed potatoes

All of these are “new” meals, meaning that I haven’t made any of these exact recipes before, but no new flavors or anything. I’m probably most excited for the one pot baked ziti because I made that a whole bunch last year and loved it, but hated how many dishes it always accumulated! Haha.

One of our errands includes a stop at an embroidery shop to see if they can monogram Rhett’s name in the bunny we got this weekend for Easter! Crossing my fingers!  



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