Baby’s First Easter Basket


Mamas like me live for the day that they get to become the tooth fairy, santa, and the easter bunny. I know there’s a huge debate on how long these imaginary figures are played out for children, but this time is the first so we can save all that hoopla for another day. 

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to get Rhett a traditional monogrammed basket that he’ll use every year for collecting eggs, or if I’ll switch it up and go a little more modern. I’m leaning toward modern because then I could use the basket around the house for the rest of the year, but I hate that it doesn’t have a handle on top! For inside, I’ll likely always include one big ticket item, a book, a toy & of course treats!


You know I’m always into a festive pajama but damnit there are no cute bunny prints for boys.. why must the girls have all the cute things?!  Thankfully there’s a little saving grace with this cute Easter bunny sweatshirt and hat.  And the egg hunting for Rhett this year will likely be more of a “picking up from plain sight” than “hunting” so I’m thinking we’ll use the original plastic colorful ones to draw his attention! And if you have a little girl.. you HAVE to get those bunny ears up there from Target and deck them out with faux flowers like this mama did; genius & so precious.


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