Weekly Menu 9/52

We were so busy on Sunday building our outdoor sofa that I forgot to post this! We used Ana White’s instructions that I found on Pinterest & her video on Youtube to make it.  Both were pretty thorough, but she never mentioned how many screws we’d need for the project so we ended up having to go out to get more in order to finish. Ugh gotta hate that! All in all, it cost us about $80 in materials (you need more than 86 screws!) to build and now we’ll need to stain it and get cushions too. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, but there it is so far! This was the first woodworking project we’d ever done so it’s not perfect, but it will work and we’re proud that we made it ourselves.

Anyway, this week is almost completely requests from Danny, so there are no new recipes to share. Which is okay! If I gotta feed him his favorites, it may as well be all in one week! ;) Here were his choices:

Chicken Enchiladas & beans
Spaghetti & Meatballs with a side salad
Salad with Chicken
Pesto Chicken & asparagus
Hamburgers & baked beans

 We’re gearing up for a fantastic spring filled with lots of food, family & fun! Oh and when your husband says, “lets take a selfie” you stop immediately and say “okay!” and don’t even think about telling him to take his seatbelt off first!


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