The Happiest

  Our baby is the happiest.

When we go out for breakfast on Sundays, he’s always smiling at all the old people.. he literally steals the show.  When we’re out running errands, he searches for someone to catch his eye & flashes them the biggest smile.  When we’re out to dinner and someone stops to tell us how good natured he is, I smile and say “thank you” but secretly jump for joy because they see him as we do.  Literally everywhere we go, a complete stranger mentions how happy he is & I couldn’t agree more.  Even when it’s just him and I cooking in the kitchen, he smiles & bobs his head along with the music. You may think, well lots of babies are happy! Or yes they make us, the parents, happy.. but no. I’m not exaggerating when I say that 99% of his awake time, he is the definition of halcyon.

Which begs me to ask myself, is it his nature? He certainly came into the world pretty quick and easy! Will he be one who finds the good in every situation? Who smiles even when he’s hurting on the inside.  Will he be the boy with all the friends in the world because he’s just so dang fun to be around? Or be considered an introvert because he chooses to talk less and listen more.  A boy who never sweats the small stuff. Or one who forgives too easily and has his heart broken? Is this the type of child that I get to raise?

Or is he a product of the environment we’ve created for him? He has a nap schedule that we adhere to, almost without fail.  We get to spend our days together, just him and I–that must impact him somewhat. A majority of his awake time is spent looking at people who love him and smile at him, how could he not smile back? Does he sleep so well because we keep his room dark & turn a sound machine on for him each night? Will he change as we have more babies that require him to be more flexible and resilient in times of chaos?  Is our current lifestyle what makes him so easy to please?

Truly I think it is both.  He is a product of his environment, but he is also his own little person in there; one I’ve only had 9 months to get to know and figure out! We became parents to experience all the days of raising children, even those tear & tantrum filled ones, but we’re lucky enough to have only experienced a handful thus far. So I’m going to count my blessings and know that as of today, he has truly been the happiest.


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