First Birthday Party Inspiration

Today I thought I’d share some first birthday party inspiration with you.  I have my mind set on not necessarily a “theme” but using lots of white, greenery, navy blue & natural woods.  I’m also going to use our rhino collection as part of the decoration.  I have a secret board started on Pinterest, but that’s a whole slew of pins that’ll get whittled down eventually so here are a few that most represent the direction I’m thinking..

images via pinterest

For the Invitations: I designed the one seen above on Photoshop, so I’ll have that printed to fit an A6 envelope.  Then I plan to get navy blue envelopes and use a white gelly roll pen to hand letter the addresses.  I will also print stationary cards at the same time that have his monogram at the top so that he can “write” his thank you notes and I thought it would be fun to have a few sitting out for our family to write him a short note.

For the Decorations: I decided not to do a theme for a few reasons, but really it boils down to just being a lot of work.  I will use things we already have and a purchase a couple things special for the party that I can use afterward around the house so it’s a win-win. I don’t think Rhett will mind ;).  However, as you may or may not know, I did photography for families prior to having Rhett so I’m no stranger to planning a first birthday session.  I do want to make it a priority to plan his session just as I would for a client & then print the photos to display at the party! I’m thinking we’ll go out in the woods somewhere he can romp around & I’ll get a few shots that will coordinate.

For the Food: I’m not going to spend forever in the kitchen or expect anyone else to, so we’re having a DIY BLT bar with sides of cold pasta, fruit, veggies and of course dessert.  I will make everything the day before so all I will have to do the day of is set it out. I really like the look of that galvanized cake plate so I think I may get one of those to put his smash cake on.  And there are many chocolate lovers in the family so I thought the party guests could either have my mom’s texas sheet cake which is a breeze to make or this fun s’mores cake if I’m feeling adventurous.

For the Entertainment: If Rhett smashing his cake and opening his presents isn’t enough entertainment I don’t know what is! haha.. but I’m planning on our pergola being finished so we can be outside (weather permitting) to make things simple.  Also, it’ll be quicker and easier to clean up the mess after!

For our Outfits: This will be another day in our lives that we’ll be taking a few hundred photos, so I want to put at least some thought into what we’ll wear. I like both of these outfits for Rhett, so it’ll likely come down to what we have that fits at the time.  The suspenders on the shorts would be cute for pictures with the smash cake (and no shirt), but I really like the green rhino sweatshirt, too! Danny won’t wear shorts that short but that’s his typical summer outfit- khaki shorts and a shirt, so I’ll just get him an olive tee & he’ll be set.  The floral romper for myself I’ve always loved so I thought it’d be pretty for the color in photos & to wear for the rest of the summer!


Ultimately we’re throwing this party to celebrate Rhett & that’s what it’ll be about when it’s all said and done.  He has brought so much joy into our family that the saying “you won’t remember what life is like without him” gets more and more true everyday.. but we wouldn’t wish for those days back anyway.


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