Weekly Menu 8/52


We had the most gorgeous weather here over the weekend..ahhh spring is so close I can smell it! We also met with our pergola man on Saturday; he gave us a quote, showed us a sketch, and had us look at the materials they use.. but ultimately, we don’t have the kind of dough that’s needed to do what he planned.  Beautiful? Yes. Out of our price range? Yes. Definitely.  So we have some other options we’re going to proceed with now that we know he’s out.  I WILL have a pergola out there sooner than later, even if I have to build it myself!

Anyway, I have our weekly menu & grocery list (on my phone!) all ready to go.  I’m in the mood for pasta and new flavors so I’ve got a few new recipes to try.

weekly menu

Here are the links for the new recipes we’re trying:
Mexican Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad 
Lemon Chicken
DIY Ramen Bowls

Oh and see that grapefruit up there?  It was so juicy I decided to make juice instead of just eating it & I filled a whole juice glass with only 2 grapefruit! My only mistake was not saving it for after bedtime to make one of these margaritas


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