Just Things

Happy Friday!
We have a pretty chill weekend ahead of us, but I’m hoping to maybe get our February wish jar item checked off the list–seeing a movie at the theater! When’s the last time you went to actually go see a movie? With a baby who doesn’t sit still longer than 10 minutes and Redbox so readily available, we haven’t actually gone in a very long time.  Which is why it made it to the wish jar! Haha.  Any recommendations for what we see?

And a few random things for your pleasure:

I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and quotes for my hand lettering.. here are some that I’m loving.

images via pinterest

A Beautiful Mess created a new photo editing app! It’s called a color story; it has a few packages that you can purchase or you can just use the free filters + edits.  It’s definitely my new favorite! I love how fresh and bright they make my photos.

I’m obsessed with Periscope.  I’ve watched so many other inspiring people on all different topics– photography, styling, lettering, motherhood, lifestyle. It’s a really awesome community.  I’ve only scoped twice, but I want to do more.  Just mustering up the courage is hard! Everyone says you get used to talking to/seeing/hearing yourself on camera buuuut.. eek! Anything you guys would want to join in to talk about?!

This made me LOL

The perfect polish for spring?!

If we have it our way, Danny & I want at least three kids.. and maybe one or two more after that.  So the odds are that eventually some of them will share rooms.  This post on shared rooms has me hopeful that it could be a really great bonding experience for our kids!

I’m itching so bad for spring it hurts, people!  On Monday I’m going to start following this 30-day spring cleaning checklist to get inside the house all ready while it’s still cold out.  Because you know this mama’s gunna be outside lounging on the patio as soon as it’s warm enough!!

I love this tutorial for addressing envelopes.. so much that I think I’ll use the navy layout for Rhett’s first birthday party invites.

Speaking of him, tell me this isn’t the cutest sweatshirt for Easter?


And just like that, nap time is over.
Have a great weekend, friends!


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