Non-prescription Glasses


  I am fortunate to have good enough eyesight to not NEED glasses.. as opposed to my husband who can’t see a lick without ’em! But that doesn’t stop me from wanting them.  For a while now, I’ve contemplated getting a pair without prescription lenses to just wear for fun; like as an accessory.  I tried looking online to order a really cheap pair from amazon, but it was too hard to tell what frames I liked or thought would look good on.

So one Saturday afternoon Danny and I went to an eyeglass store just to try them on and see what kind I liked.  I decided a wayfarer shape was what I liked, and 50mm seemed to be just the right size; not too big, not too small.  Then I went back home and tried looking for wayfarer 50mm non-prescription glasses.  No luck.  It’s just too hard to buy that type of thing online! These are definitely not something I want to spend a lot of money on because like I said, they’re just an accessory! Kinda like a scarf.  We called Lenscrafters for shits and giggles and you still have to pay $140 for the lenses + the frames.  HA! No way.

Then I went to one of those kiosks in the mall for a cheap $20 pair that would work.  And they didn’t have any I really liked, either.  So I was back to square one.  Until I remembered there are shops online that will send you frames in the mail to try on and send back in a few days.  PERFECT! There are a few options, but I chose to start with Warby Parker.  I like the price point & I feel good knowing that if I buy a pair, a pair will also be given to someone in need.

warby parker glasses.jpg

I first emailed them to see if they even sold non-prescription lenses because when I acted like I was checking out to buy a pair it only gave me two options; single-vision & progressive.  They emailed back the next day and gave me step-by-step instructions on how to order them correctly. What great costumer service.  Now I needed to choose which frames I wanted to try on.  I tried to focus on picking frames that were 50mm since I knew I liked them, but I couldn’t resist some of the others that were a bit larger.  Here are the ones I decided on (I ended up with two 50mm pairs & three 52mm).

warby parker order

I’m actually really pleased that their options aren’t just completely black framed because I also found that I liked the tortoise better when I tried them on in person.  The order said it would ship in 5 business days, so I was hopeful they’d come by the next Monday.

When they arrived on the Friday prior, I was pleasantly surprised. I love their packaging design; clean & simple. It felt special opening the box–even more special than going into the store to try them on! I took each pair out from the plastic bags they came in and laid them out on the table. I could tell just by first glance which ones I liked and didn’t. I still gave each par an equal shot.. But there were two I could rule out immediately–Bensen & Wilkie. Bensen was too wide for my face; they are 20mm as opposed to 18mm on ones that actually fit. And Wilkie looked too much like reading glasses to me; not quite the look I was going for.

That left Chamberlain, Laurel and Welty.. here they are in that order from left to right

Um please excuse the akward hand.. I felt like it needed to be there for some reason?

Which ones are your favorite? Or none of them?
Want to know which pair I chose?


 They’re fun and funky without being overly so and the perfect color! So I sent my box back with all the try-on pairs and ordered the Welty style without a presciption and I can’t wait for them to arrive.  They also have a 1 year warranty for scratches on the lenses so I’m pretty happy about that, knowing Rhett will inevitably rip them from my face and chuck them across the room one day ;)


*I am in no way affiliated with Warby Parker & they didn’t pay me to write this; I just thought it was an awesome buying experience and wanted to share it with you!

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