Weekly Menu 7/52

Yesterday we woke up and knew we had some errands to run together, but that plan got all messed up when Rhett fell asleep in the car after breakfast.. everyone knows you don’t wake a sleeping baby.  So Danny went into Petsmart for dog food alone, we got a car wash, got gas, I went to the grocery while Danny stayed with Rhett in the car, & we all three went into Menards once he finally woke up to get a new faucet.  It turned out to be okay, it just wasn’t how we particularly wanted to spend Valentine’s, taking turns running the errands alone into each store.

Once we got home, Danny went straight to fixing the faucet.  If you know anything about this process, it usually takes only a few steps and an hour MAX to get the job done.  Well, Danny came across some bumps and called our brother-in-law Joe for advice.  Joe is the Al Borland to my Tim the tool man if you catch my drift, so Joe graciously offered to come help fix it so Danny didn’t flood the kitchen.  Meanwhile, Rhett and I are playing & eating lunch together.  I had planned on making those heart pies with him once he was finished with the faucet so I was anxious to get into the kitchen.

Joe showed up, he fixed the first problem Danny had with turning off the water, then proceeded to whatever the next step is in replacing a faucet.  After Kyra (Danny’s sister) and I played with Rhett for a while, I put him down for his afternoon nap around 3:15 and expected the boys to be done in no time.  Which did not happen.. I guess one of the parts that should have just screwed off was stripped– so it was a bitch to get out.

Joe and Danny are above and below the sink trying to figure it out when Joe says, “I need a towel, that’s a lot of blood.  I’m really bleeding. I cut my finger. DEEP.”  Kyra walks over to the sink saying “JOE! That’s really bleeding!!” I rush to get a towel and the first aid kit and tell Joe to put his hand above his heart to help the bleeding stop.  I’m digging through all of our stuff to find the medical tape and gauze as everyone assesses the wound & tries to decide if he should go into urgent care.  None of us are medically trained enough to know; we have no clue if it’s just a deep cut that’s bleeding a lot or if he needs to get stitches.  I call the nearest hospital and explain his cut; she asks a few questions: how deep is it? how long is it? is it squirting blood? can he feel his finger? can he move it? The lady on the line determines that he should probably be seen.

 Danny, Kyra, and Joe head to the stat care & I stay home so Rhett can “nap” (he played in his crib for almost 2 hours before finally going to sleep).  Nearly 4 hours later, Joe was finally seen and needed 5 stitches.  I met up with them after for dinner in the nearby hospital cafeteria and now have a pretty interesting story about Rhett’s first Valentine’s Day. haha.

We don’t have a faucet that works yet.. which is okay, but that definitely impacts my ability to make dinner! I’m sure it’ll get finished tonight, but I’m crossing my fingers that the rest is smooth sailing.

Here’s our menu this week:
8 can Taco Soup
Meatloaf & broccoli
Cheesy Chicken Bake (didn’t make last week)
Pear & Apple Salad with Chicken
Fondue since we didn’t make it last night!

How’d your Valentine’s Day plans turn out? Hopefully a lot less of a mess than ours!

We’re smiling, anyway.

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