What’s in my Diaper bag?

 It is so interesting to me to find out what other mamas consider their “essentials” when it comes to baby stuff.  It’s actually the way I have found out about many different brands and companies over the past 18 months.  Today I thought I’d give you a look into what we lug around in our diaper bag for Rhett man.  So if you’re getting ready to pack yours for the first time or just wondering about some of my gotta have items, you’re in the right place!diaper bag

My diaper bag is the Emerson Place nylon Pauline baby bag by Kate Spade.  I love how much it fits inside, but sometimes I find that it becomes a catch all for everything and ends up a mess.  However, I do love that this bag comes with a matching changing pad, is nylon so anything that spills is easy to wipe off, and it has two straps inside that make it easy to hook on to our stroller.

Diapers | I originally thought we would have the Honest diaper subscription, but we used Pampers swaddlers in the hospital & have just kept with them ever since. (Looking now at the Honest bundles, I know for sure we would not need that many diapers and wipes per month).  I can honestly say that we have only had a couple blow outs which, in my opinion, were either because the diaper wasn’t on correctly to begin with, or it was time to move up to the next size.  He hasn’t gotten diaper rash, and the line that changes color helped for the first few months to know when it was wet since new babies don’t pee enough to be able to tell just by feeling the diaper.

Wipes | I have only used a pack from the hospital, Huggies natural care, & Pampers and I can say that they all get the job done, but my favorite of these are Huggies.  They are wet enough, but not too wet like how the Pampers are-those feel too slippery to me!  Huggies also has a handy small bag that came with our box which is perfect for the diaper bag so it doesn’t take up as much room as a whole package.

Alexandra Rose Handmade burp cloths |  These are the thickest & best.  We used them all the time when Rhett was first born & spitting up, but I still use them today for spills, an extra changing pad.. they are hands-down one of my must have items.  I’ll definitely be purchasing a new set for each baby.

Extra outfit | This is a catch 22 for me because I want to have a backup in case of a blowout, spills, or messes, but if it’s in the diaper bag and he never ends up needing it, the outfit never gets worn! Haha.. so I guess my suggestion here is to just put in a onesie and a pair of sweats for emergencies.  You don’t want to be like me who changed a blowout at a restaurant and thought there was an outfit in the bag when there in fact was not.  Just an old pair of jeans and no extra shirt… so he went the whole breakfast in just a vest and capris. #motheroftheyear

Snacks | Now that Rhett is eating solids, it’s a good thing to always have a backup or distraction at the ready.  I keep a little container filled with his beloved Cheerios in our bag to hold him over while we wait at a restaurant or entertain him while I shop.  The only bad thing is he sees the container and thinks he gets to eat every single last one, so I have to be strategic in giving them to him. Don’t forget a snack for mama!

Water bottle | Breastfeeding mamas are always thirsty so it’s a nice thing to have when you’re parched.  And let me speak from experience, it’s handy for washing out spit up on your own shirt after you’ve nursed in the car.  I love my swell bottle for keeping water cold for a longer period of time than just a plastic bottle.

Wet bag | I have a bag that came free from our OBGYN when we first found out we were pregnant, but you could even use just a gallon size ziplock! This is for the diapers you don’t want to necessarily smell when you don’t have access to a trash or clothes that will inevitably be covered from a good blow out.  lol.

Hand sanitizer | You can never have too much of this stuff & I’m not embarrassed to say I found three bottles in my diaper bag. For new babies and during flu season, its a necessity.  I have one of those Bath & Body works small ones that I hang on the outside of a strap so it’s easy to reach and two in the outside pockets haha.

Boogie Wipes |  I can’t get over the idea of the nosefrida, so I keep these wipes in the bag for mocos as I call them, and to wipe off his face after he’s finished eating.

Hat | During the summer, I’ll pack a baseball or sun hat and in the winter he’s always got some kind of stocking cap in there. I loved our slouch beanie, but he’s grown out of it so I’ll wait until next fall before I order another.

Socks | Think you lose socks in the wash a lot now? Just wait until you have ones that are as itty bitty as these.  We are constantly looking for the match to a sock, so in dire situations I know I can resort to the backup pair in the diaper bag.

Lovey | I’m going to call it a lovey, but really it’s whatever one thing your baby likes that can help him/her calm down or snuggle with or play with quietly. I love the jellycat stuffed animals, so we usually have monkey for Rhett.

Paci | He doesn’t use a pacifier anymore, but when he did, we always had a spare in our bag.  We used the soothies brand and loved them!

Gerry (or sophie) the giraffe |  There’s something about this teether that babies love.. even before they start getting teeth!  It’s the #1 seller for babies but you ask yourself, is this really worth $25?? Yes.  Just guard that thing with your life! Rhett is obsessed with his and we are so thankful we have it for him to gnaw on when his sharp teeth are cutting through.

And a few other things I found.. a sample size lansinoh, A&D ointment, a sippy cup, nail polish, sunscreen, bug spray, a spoon, mints, a nail file, a pen, & of course 2954 receipts that date back at least 6 months ;)


What are some of your must haves for the diaper bag? Anything I missed?


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