The first word that comes to mind when I think of flowers is love.  Partly because I have such fond memories of the hundreds that Danny has given me over the years, but also because I truly appreciate and admire their beauty.  Flowers have a way of making me feel jovial & alive.. likewise, they make the perfect gift.  As an obvious go-to for Valentine’s Day, the price of flowers are artificially high right now.. so here’s a way you can DIY a small gift for your mom or your bestie or even yourself with just a few simple blooms.

3 types of flowers & 1 greenery
a pair of shears
A few small bud vases

When choosing your flowers, look for a variety of small blooms in the same color family with lots of greenery.  Picking a limited color palette makes it possible to mix & match without looking too wild– I chose white, pink & red for a classic Valentine’s look.  The greenery also does wonders in making each arrangement look more full.

Once you get home, disassemble the bouquet & lay out your blooms on a flat surface. Then strip all the stems so they are free of their leaves –you don’t want them decomposing in your water! To start, pick your vase, fill it with water, then choose a bloom and work your way out (don’t forget to snip each end at a 45 degree angle).

Depending on the diameter of the neck of the vase, you’ll either have room for a few stems or maybe just 1 or 2.  And unless you plan on keeping them together as a group, try to think of each arrangement individually. They all will look slightly different based on the vase & the amount of blooms you have, so don’t get caught up trying to make them all look the same.  The three things I focused on are height, fullness & texture.   Play around! This is the fun part!



Wouldn’t they make a lovely surprise to deliver to your gals this week?


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