Just Things

I have learned a lot from other bloggers I follow who do links+loves posts each week..  So this is my version of the same. Things that are on my mind or I have read or heard about that I find interesting & hope you do too.. Ready?

   I’m starting a word series! I want to expand my vocabulary, so I thought the best way to do that is to find words I can incorporate into everyday life.  Not to sound smart or cool or well-read (which I am not), just to help me write & sound better–for you! & for me.  Follow along with me on Instagram, @ashtonrynearson, using the hashtag #rynecodictionary! Here’s a peek at a few; do you know what they mean without looking them up?


 Bring on the hilarious commercials, Superbowl 50–btw CBS stands to make 5 MILLON DOLLARS for each 30 second ad on Sunday–here are a few previewsThey better be damn good for that price tag.

 Lots of cute things at Target for Valentine’s Day.. can they do no wrong?! I’m looking forward to making these heart pies as a special treat next week for Rhett & me <3

Ever heard of a dermaroller? Do you use one? I watched Jenna from Small Fry (jennaskitchen) on Periscope this week and she talked about how she does it every day.  I guess it stimulates collagen production & has other benefits.. hmm, should I try it?

I found a pair of overalls to try on !! Of course EVERYTHING at Old Navy was on sale except those damn overalls.. so I didn’t buy them, but now I know I like ’em!


Here’s an interesting article on modern parenting.. where’s my yoga mat?

And a few kitchen things I’m loving at Anthro these days.
tumbler glassespot holderbottle openerpie server 

Even though I love me some Peyton Manning, I’ve got the Panthers with the W this weekend, you?


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