Overalls.. yay or nay?

denim overalls  Since last spring when I saw this maternity session with a mama in overalls, I’ve wondered if I could pull them off.. or if I’d end up looking frumpy.  I mean if she can look that cute in overalls with a belly, surely I can without, yes? But are they just a trend? Will I wear them for one season and then throw them to the back of my closet and never wear them again? I don’t know. Almost every single photo I’ve seen of other girls wearing them, I have liked. So here are a few pairs I found that I would actually consider purchasing.

denim overalls.jpg

light shortallsshortalls distressed | white

I think the plain denim shortalls, why do I find that name funny?, may be the most timeless.. but I think I may prefer the light version with a little distressing.  White could also be a timeless option, but I think I’d get more use if they were shorts so I could wear them in the summer without being too hot.  My favorite pair is definitely the distressed capri length, though.  I think the distressing is just in the right places, it could be worn throughout spring, summer and fall, & I like the length surprisingly.  I would for sure be going the more casual route with these. If you could wear them with heels, more power to ya, mama! But not me. I’d pair them with a classic stripe tee, a pair of sunnies, my converse, dainty jewelry, & a nice beachy wave in my hair.

photos via pinterest

What do you think? Yay or nay on the overalls? Do you have a pair you love?


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