Diary of a Day

7:51 Riplee wakes me up from downstairs in her cage scratching and screeching to get out.. I look at the time and realize Rhett isn’t up yet. I hurry down to give the dog food and water & let her outside.  The door sticks it’s so cold out.  I get a coffee brewing in the Keurig, hoping I can finish it before Rhett wakes up.


8:04 I hear him upstairs talking (instead of the usual crying) so I gulp down my coffee & now the day starts. Like I said, it’s freezing outside so I grab a blanket and snuggle up to feed Rhett his breakfast.  Rip runs to join us under the blanket that’s now too small for the three of us.  I’m wishing I had grabbed a different one, or a pair of socks!

8:45 Rhett plays on the floor while I do a few dishes in the sink, start a load of laundry, & bring the load from the dryer down on the floor to fold with him.  He’s much more interested in the basket than his toys at this point, so I hurry to find the match to a sock and a pair of joggers to throw on over my short pjs. I take him upstairs to change his diaper & read him a book.. Danny wants to be called papa, so I change the words and tell him all about the different animals & sounds they make.


9:36  I’m in the kitchen heating up the overnight oats I made yesterday, he sees me so he crawls over to his high chair to have some too.  The flavor is carrot cake today– oats, coconut almond milk, chopped carrots, 1/2 mashed banana, a drizzle of maple syrup & pinch of cinnamon. We both can’t get enough of it.
 10:12 I look at the clock and can’t believe 2 hours has already gone by, so I put Rhett back in his crib for his morning nap. 10 minutes later, he’s fast asleep with the tag of his muslin blanket in his mouth & arms under his belly.  I sit down at the computer to finish the day’s blog post.  Once I’m finished, I decide that washing my hair is more important than yoga this morning, so I head to the shower.

11:23 I get out of the shower and surpringly, I see Rhett on the monitor sitting up playing with Gerry. A quick glance at the clock shows me how short that nap was. I get dressed and head in to get him. I hand him his brush for a distraction so he sits still while I change him.. Once it’s time to put clothes on, he decides it’s war, going into a full on meltdown. When I’m finally finished, I head back to our room & bring with me a few of his toys so he can play on the floor while I at least dry my hair.. he’d rather laugh at the towel on my head.

12:17 I’m feeding Rhett lunch.. he bites me so I move on to feeding him some applesauce, avocado and a little ham.  I think to myself how hard it’ll be to continue breastfeeding if he keeps that up #ouch.  Once we’re finished eating lunch, I decide it’s time to clean out a few cupboards in the kitchen.  Since one of them houses my coffee supplies, I’m sick of being annoyed when I open it first thing in the morning. I keep Rhett in his highchair to watch and give him a fork to play with.

1:43  After picking up that damn fork for the 1000th time, I’m finally finished with the cupboards and resolve that they may still be full of stuff, but it’s a lot more of an organized mess than it was before. We send papa a few pictures to show him what we’ve been up to for the past hour or so. img_7406

3:04 Rhett starts getting fussy, so I look at the clock and realize it’s time for his afternoon nap. We go upstairs to his room, I close the curtains and lay him down once more.  He screams at the top of his lungs for a solid 5 minutes before giving in to a sweet slumber.

4:55  I’m downstairs in the fridge pulling out the ingredients for dinner tonight when I hear Rhett crying on the monitor.  I grab him and bring him down for a quick snack before I set him on the floor to play while I continue back in the kitchen.  Danny sneaks in a little while later and Riplee & Rhett give him a warm welcome home.  He’s been out in the cold all day; his cheeks are flush.  I ask him how his day was, he gives the normal response “oh, fine” and says he’s headed up to shower and warm up a bit.

5:15  Danny and Rhett play on the floor in the living room while I finish cooking.  Once it’s ready, we all sit down at the table to enjoy it together.  We talk about our days, talk about how cool Rhett is, & then clean up the mess (including Rhett’s huge one).

7:00  Wheel of Fortune is on, so Rhett & I sit together on the couch while Danny sits in his chair to watch.  I nurse Rhett one last time.  We give him a little time to let out the last of his energy before we head upstairs to read a story & get ready for bed.  I change his diaper, kiss him goodnight, say I love you, & flip off the light.


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