Getting to Know Me


25 things you may not know about me..
unless you’re my husband or my mom (hey mom!) 

Ready? Go!

  1. I loathe putting away the laundry; easily my most procrastinated chore
  2. I want at least 3 kids (max 5)
  3. My favorite class in college was about law
  4. I wear the pink Chanel chance perfume; my sister calls it my signature scent
  5. My husband and I are high school sweethearts (even though we went to different high schools)
  6. I swear that doing word searches growing up is what taught me how to spell
  7. I’ve been to 29 of the 50 states
  8. I want to go on an Italian tour of the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positano & Rome
  9. I’m 5’6″ tall and wear a size 7 shoe
  10. I want to learn how to do woodworking projects
  11. If I could live anywhere, I’d live in France.  I love the culture, the way of life & the language
  12. I wish I had a market I could walk to every day to shop for fresh produce & flowers
  13. My biggest weakness is being too quick to get angry
  14. I think others mistake my self-confidence for being controlling
  15. If I were an animal, I’d be a dolphin so I could live in the ocean
  16. My biggest pet peeve is using incorrect grammar.. there/they’re/their >>GET IT STRAIGHT, PEOPLE!
  17. I love to turn on music when I’m in the kitchen cooking
  18. If I could have dinner with anyone in history, it’d be with one of my greatest ancestors
  19. My favorite snack is smoked gouda & crackers; hot cheeto fries are a close second!
  20. I want to learn how to play the violin before I die
  21. If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it’d be Anthropologie
  22. I want to live on the beach so I can wake up every morning to the sound of the ocean
  23. If I wasn’t a SAHM, I’d be working in a hospital or at a law firm
  24. I wish I could be more committed to leisure reading
  25. I consider my biggest strength my willingness to sacrifice in the short-term to fulfill my long-term goals

There ya have it!

Now I’m curious how many of these my husband would know if I asked him, haha. I’d love to get to know you more, tell me 3 things about you in the comments below!


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