12 Basics to Define your Style

style staples.jpg

In my opinion, basics can either make or break your wardrobe.  They’re the backbone of your style and can help you put together an outfit in a second’s notice.  And “basic” doesn’t necessarily mean a plain white tee.. it could be your favorite color in a basic style or material.  I’m not even talking about a particular season, either! These can work all year long with a lot of layering & love (be mindful when you wash so that you don’t diminish the life of your clothes!).  Most importantly, remember that it’s not necessarily these exact pieces; choose the colors, materials, & styles that you enjoy and then it’ll really be the start to defining your own personal style.

01: Utility Jacket | I’m sure you already know this is a staple in my wardrobe.. I love it for the color, versatility, & I think jackets are an easy way to finish off any outfit.  If you don’t like the olive color, go for a light tan color or gray!

02: Chambray  | This shirt you can do so much with.. my favorite? Denim on denim with dark skinnies and a leopard flat. Almost every retailer known to man sells a version of this shirt so you can find it in almost any style at all different price points.

03: Knit Sweater | I live for sweaters like these. Loose & flowy.  Plus, I love the open knit because then I can still wear them in the summer with shorts!

04: Striped Tee | Stripes are surely having their moment right now, but they are also such a classic.  So ANY striped tee. And there are thousands. I like the boat neck on this one–you could tuck it in to the destroyed jean or layer it under the chambray as a jacket.

05: Blouse | A loose-fitting blouse in any color you could dress up or down.  Pair with heels and a black pencil skirt for work & change into flats and denim for ladies night.

06: Destroyed Jean | I couldn’t live without my destroyed boyfriend jeans. I can put an outfit together in 2 seconds flat if I grab these jeans first.

07: Dark Skinnies | The ultimate mom jean right here.  I love the high-waisted pair I bought when Rhett was first born.  They keep everything where it’s supposed to be and are so flattering.  Perfect for crawling around on the floor, bending over, playing at the playground.. you name it.

08: Breezy Tee | I like a plain white tee, but you may favor a gray or black version.  Or maybe all three? The keys to the perfect breezy tee are:

a) fit–not so loose that you show everyone the goods when you lean over
b) length–not too long or too short
c) opacity–you don’t want to be able to see through
d) material–make sure you buy one that will hold up well in the washer

09: Suede Bootie | I consider a suede bootie a staple because I think suede goes well in all the seasons.. leather just seems too rugged for me for the warmer months.  You could easily make this shoe, a pair of white shorts, & that pink blouse work in the spring or summer!

10: Sneakers | I’ve seen other bloggers with adidas, or the trendy slip on shoes, but I prefer the chucks because they’re timeless.  Either way, you can make sneakers work for any casual outfit so just choose a pair that you like and are comfortable.

11: Sunnies | Funky and fun. Sunglasses are a fairly inexpensive way to follow the trends.. if you’re going to invest in a pair, I’d suggest getting a classic style–like an aviator or wayfarer so you can wear them for many years to come.

12: Bag | If I was going to splurge on any item it would be a bag, no doubt.  I think it can immediately add personality and polish to any outfit. Next time I see the Rebecca Minkoff I want on sale, I’m gunna jump on it.. now that I don’t have to carry the diaper bag in everywhere I go!

I could go on and on, but I had to draw the line somewhere.. so 12 it is! What are some of your favorite go-to pieces?


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