Friday Finds @ Target II

I was looking for something to do this week while Danny and Rhett had some father/son bonding time…so as one does, I went to Target. This was strictly a trip to peruse & have some alone time, therefore I didn’t leave with the whole store more than what I came for.  Well, that and a bunch of pictures of stuff I’ll regret not buying on my phone.

Lots of stuff out for Valentine’s Day, of course. I’ve seen those metal banners for each holiday since Thanksgiving… at $7.99 each, you could collect them all! My husband would kill me ;). The mini heart bowls would be adorable for housing sprinkles and toppings for cupcakes that you and your littles bake together.. then you could display them on the heart shaped tower?!

I’ve started thinking about what I’ll do for Rhett’s first birthday party and this tower caught my eye.. It’d be perfect for putting out the fruit and veggies or even displaying cupcakes if that’s the route we decide.  I’ll have to keep it in mind.


And I saved my favorite aisles for last.  I see Pantone’s color(s) of the year popping up everywhere, so Target wouldn’t be Target if they missed that train.. the rose quartz is definitely taking a front seat to serenity what the hell kind of name is that for a color?!, but who’s keeping score? #me. Anyway, I would love to use those pink pillows on the patio, but I’m not sure if they’re necessarily made for outside.  Warm woods and metallics are also still on trend for this season.. I’m all heart eyes for that big round wicker mirror! Those wall tapestries are having their moment in the spotlight too, so if you’re not on the loom making one yourself, the blue & cream one (sorry, you can barely see it below) could work.  I think that’s where the animal skulls came in.. maybe trying to play off an aztec theme?

The wicker chairs with the blue pillows I had to take a second look at.  The shape & color is just right for the patio, but I’m a little hesitant to spend $99 on chairs; I think I’d rather spend that money on a couch.  And finally, I had to get a close up of the “genuine rose quartz”.. is it really? haha.  Very beautiful, but it’ll be a long time before I buy a $20 stone like that for decoration.. I could see Rhett eventually picking it up and chucking it right out the window!

That’s all I have for today.. have a great weekend, friends!


p.s. do yourself a favor and make these 15 minute maple bars for breakfast on sunday morning.. so good!

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