An Ideal Day

A few years ago, Danny and I were riding in the car with my parents in Nashville and a lady with a bunch of newspapers walked up to our car window.  This was right when they first moved, so I had no idea what this lady was doing or why it was okay that she was doing it! My mom casually rolled down her window and handed the lady a dollar in exchange for one of those newspapers.  After we drove off, she explained that there are lots of men and women selling The Contributor on the corners in Nashville who are homeless and use the money from their paper sales to get out from under homelessness.  I think that’s pretty cool.

 I took a look through the paper and read an article I found fascinating.. Especially for a newspaper sold, and likely read, by many people who are or have been down on their luck. The article compelled the reader to make a list of the events in a day that would comprise an “ideal day” for themselves.  Even noting that no detail is too small or insignificant.  Then each day, make decisions that help facilitate the things on that list.  Because after a while of continuously doing what you can to make those dreams become a reality, pretty soon, every day becomes your ideal day. So I began thinking about what my ideal day would look like & here’s what I said..

wake up
drink coffee
do yoga
feed the dog, put away dishes, start laundry
eat healthy breakfast
take a 15 minute shower
get dressed, do hair
get on computer & read daily blogs, check email, pay bills
wake up the kids
help pick out their clothes for the day & get ready for school
make the kids breakfast & Danny a cup of coffee
say bye to Danny
take the kids to school
go to the studio for a photography session
edit photos
eat lunch
change clothes & go to class at the gym
find a new recipe for dinner
go to the grocery for supplies
pick up the kids from school
play with the kids
make and eat dinner where everyone shares stories about their day
bathe kids
read a story and put down for bed
prepare for next sessions & finish up edits
drink a glass of red wine
go to bed

I hadn’t looked through this note on my phone in a very long time so I find a few things very interesting. First, being the stage in life I chose.. all my imaginary kids are grown up enough to be in school! So how old am I? 35? 40? Also, I think I drastically underestimated how fast time actually does go by.. how in the world could I accomplish all that I have listed before Danny even leaves for work?! Get up at 4am? No thank you. Next, is my focus on being healthy.  I still find that it’s very important for me to eat healthy & workout, but is it realistic to think I could do yoga & go to the gym every. single. day? And finally, there are a few things that I do on this list currently.. which makes me proud.

But it also makes me realize that this “ideal day” completely skips over the happy and tiring season of having ones that require my arms and attention and love for 12 hours a day!  So I’m going to rewrite my list for this stage in life; where I’m the mom and that’s where I’m needed.  It’ll incorporate being active, my family, and a creative connection to others. More importantly, the balance of those things.  And I’ll ask myself, what could make my life feel more fulfilled and me happier, tomorrow?


like, a little more wine. hahaha kidding.



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