If I had a Studio

studio definition

…at home. I’d use this space to draw, paint, write calligraphy, edit photos, wrap presents, do crafts with the kids, sew, to have an inspiration board..  This room would be flooded with bright natural light, covered in white shelving with a pop of pink, and just big enough for the kids and me to share.  They would have their own station & I’d have mine.  I’d have a desk & lots of drawers for organizing all things creative.. paints in one drawer, drawing supplies in another.  If I had a studio, this is what it’d look like.office
you can find the links for all of these on my Pinterest board, if I had a studio.

The top left picture is my ideal storage; some open shelves and some hidden behind beautiful cabinetry.  Even the wrapping paper on a rod like that is genius! I’d also always have fresh flowers & plants in this space.  There’s something about the smell and the look of a beautiful living thing in the room that immediately draws me in.  I’d hang images of my own and my kids’ masterpieces on a clothesline of sorts to display our work.  And I’d get to explore any and all of the different types of art that I choose! However, we neither have the room nor the budget for all of this right now so it’ll have to wait.. but one day, I’ll turn my can’t into can & this dream into plan!


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