A Letter to My Son 

Dear Rhett,

While there may be times I leave you playing so I can finish my last sip of hot coffee, know that I am always here for you. When I sneak into your room to greet you, your eyes light up when they meet mine.. along with the biggest smile.  You flap your arms up and down and laugh as if you’ve just seen your first bite of food (you do the same thing then).  I swoop you up from your crib and you give me the best morning cuddles.  See, you didn’t mind that I took the extra few minutes for myself.. you surely are the happiest.  Always know my arms will forever be here to hug you & my smile ready to match yours.

You are my first baby; a tiny little human boy.  It’s inevitable that I will raise you different than I would a future sister of yours;  there are some things boys need to know that girls should never have to worry abo
ut–because her papa or her brother or her husband will always take care of it for her. Like when to get an oil change.  But that’s a little thing.  Today, I want to tell you the big things.  Things you’ll hopefully learn through my guidance that will help you navigate through life as you become a man.  Always know that I’ll be here for you; when you ask, and especially when you don’t.

You can trust me with your deepest secrets.
Nothing you do could ever make me stop loving you.
Don’t ever be the bully.
No one likes a know-it-all.

Being trustworthy will get you far.
Do what is right, even when it’s hard to–especially then.
Forgive even if they never apologize.
Judge a person by their heart, not how they look.
Not everyone is kind & genuine–be so anyway.

How a man dresses & takes care of himself says a lot about him.
Pretending to be strong is exhausting.  Don’t do that. If you need to cry, cry. Don’t be threatened by a strong woman, FIND ONE.
Hard work will grant you any opportunity you desire.
Fall ten times, get up 11.
Their success is not your failure.

Treat a woman like you’ll never be satisfied loving her.
Don’t expect housework from your wife; help without being asked.
Be your kids’ best friend, but be your wife’s first.
Money can’t substitute happiness, so find a way to provide by doing something you enjoy.
Travel often to see the world & try new things– not to escape reality.
You can be anyone you choose to be; even if it’s not the man you were yesterday.

You are, and always will be, my sweet little love, the light of my life, & my whole world.



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