Weekly Menu 2/52

 With the exception of our holiday binge on all the fun things i.e. lucky charms, chips & dip, double stuf oreos… we try to eat nutritious and well-balanced meals. Now that all the snacks are gone, this week we’re looking to get back on track..slowly but surely.

Our dinner menu includes:

steaks & broccoli with oven “fries” (didn’t make last week)
soft tacos & beans
stuffed pepper soup (first try!)
meatloaf with vegetables
green chile enchilada pasta

I’m most excited to try the stuffed pepper soup.. I’ve tried making the stuffed peppers everyone RAVES about, but mine always end up a disaster.  One time Danny’s tipped over and spilled all over the kitchen floor even.. so I’m pretty much banned from making them ever again haha.


Oh! and great news, he also agrees that our patio needs a little love and attention so this weekend we talked all about it! I’ll be sure to share our ideas this week. Coincidentally, it finally got cold around here, so we’re going to bundle up and head to the grocery.

Happy Monday!

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