Just things.

A few things on my mind lately..a lot about nothing of importance, really.

  1. This swell bottle to use for cold brews. I’ve found a few in groceries around town, but they are entirely too caffeinated for me.  The other day I got one and felt jittery for a few hours after, then got a pretty bad headache, and then stayed up until midnight. Not my idea of fun! So I’m looking for a local coffee shop that may sell a concentrate that I can dilute with more water or I’ll resort to making it myself. If I did, I’d probably follow these instructions; pretty straightforward.  Then to spice it up a little, this cinnamon dolce recipe sounds delicious.

2. Oh Joy has a new line coming to Target & I’m so excited to just look through it all.  Her designs are always so bright and colorful; something I admire, but I can never seem to find a way to make work with my style.

3. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can make our outdoor space somewhere that we spend more time when it’s warm out..we a have an oddly shaped patio that makes it hard to visualize a layout that would be equally practical & useful. But I’m determined to figure something out so that come spring, we have a plan and can get to work! Doesn’t this space look so comfy and inviting? Not that we have that kind of space or budget! 

porch love:

4.  While we’re on the topic of warmer weather, I’ve been thinking a lot about one piece swimsuits.  Since we’ll be taking Rhett on his first trip to the beach in May, I’m going to need a suit that is mom-friendly (as in, I’ll be sitting with him playing in the sand so I neither want my top or midsection on display), and also cute.  I know one pieces aren’t what they used to be, so I’m hopeful.. but I just don’t like the idea of shelling out so much for a swimsuit!  Have any suggestions on where to look?

5. We’re getting back to eating better since the holidays this week, so I’ve been looking for some new recipes to try.. homemaking pizzas is one of our favorite things to do & this one has me drooling.

 And in case you missed anything this week, I gave you a yoga outfit under $100, a book recommendation & feeding essentials for baby, and a few ideas for a festive Valentine’s Day.

Happy weekend!

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