All Heart Eyes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner & I already can’t wait.  The dollar spot is filled to the brim with heart-shaped goodies and it just makes my heart swell.  This year is absolutely going to be the most fun to celebrate holidays with Rhett.. He’s eating real food now (so we can indulge every once in a while) and he’ll be able to do easy crafts with me before I know it.  If I muster up the courage to try, I’ll be making these heart-shaped cherry pies for our Valentine breakfast <3

all heart eyes for

onesie | camera | stickers | tote |

candle | balloon | garland |

I’ve already got a start on Rhett’s present, but I think I’ll get him the balloon & those jammies to finish it up. The print on the onesie is adorable & I seriously think that a balloon on a string could keep him entertained for hours. Those felt ball garlands I’ve seen pop up everywhere–this one would look so cute hanging above a festive chalkboard quote. Stickers were a favorite of mine growing up and who can resist a yummy smelling candle to burn all day?

Every year for Valentine’s Day, Danny and I skip the fancy restaurant and instead do a fondue dinner at home.. we’re entirely too cheap and don’t want to eat dinner at the only reservation time slots left for 2pm or 10pm, so I don’t see those plans changing anytime soon! We usually cut the cheese lol. & opt for a broth-based entree course with ravioli, shrimp, chicken, steak, small red potatoes and mushrooms, then a chocolate fondue dessert with fruit, rice krispies & brownie bites, and of course a cocktail or three.   As for Danny’s gift, Rhett and I are going to snap a bunch of selfies during the day to hang with those mini heart clips, I’ll get him a funny card like this, and likely a pair of calvins #stayclassy #bae


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