Activewear under $100

Danny and I stopped by the Y the other day to check it out and see if there are swim lessons or classes that Rhett and I can do together this winter.  Of course it was the busiest day of the year (January 2nd) so it was packed full of people committed to their New Year’s resolutions. Ultimately, I haven’t decided if the Y is our best option because I feel like we’d be paying for a lot of things they offer for families that we just can’t use yet.  and the swim lessons are an additional fee on top of the membership, ha!  I would like to get back into a regular exercise routine- even if that’s just a couple miles of running & a few sessions of yoga per week.  I don’t want to lose any weight, I just would like to tone up some and regain the muscle I’ve lost since being pregnant. All things activewear are on sale right now, so this outfit comes in way under the $100 mark.  Maybe you can use the extra for a yoga class or a membership to the Y? ;)

100  yoga

 bra | socks | mat shorts | tank

bra: $19.90 I love the really strappy sport bras that are popular these days.. This one doesn’t have enough support for me to run in, but it’d be a breeze to slip on before a class.

tank: $9.99 HM always has inexpensive basics that I like.. This tank is loose and features a fast-drying fabric.

shorts: $15 These shorts would be a great addition to your activewear wardrobe! If you like doing workouts at home like I do, shorts are the way to go.. since you won’t have to go in & out of the cold!

yoga socks: $12 look like a pro even if you’re not when you take these to your next class!

mat: $8.50 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yoga mat this inexpensive, so snatch one up now! That way you don’t have to use one that 100 other people have used too.


If you’re nervous to start a yoga class without knowing the basics, I’ve found quite a few yogis on Youtube that are great for beginners.  30 days of yoga with Adriene is a great place to start.. she goes really slow and is very relaxed when it comes to teaching.  Yoga is an awesome workout for toning & is super relaxing.. try it! You may enjoy it more than you think.


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