Top Nine 2015


I saw someone on Instagram do this last week and thought, “oh that’s a great idea! I want to do that!” So I scrolled through my 1100 pictures from last year & picked my 9 favorites.. I would later find out that it actually meant your top 9 liked photos, but oh well haha. Looking back had me reminiscing on more than just my photos from 2015, so I thought I’d make a list of some of the things I loved in the past year.

  1. Having Rhett is definitely at the top of my list.  We cannot get enough of him & being a mom is nothing short of amazing.  It truly does change you in ways you’ll never expect or know!
  2. The Target dollar spot also stole my heart last year.  I’m a little disappointed when I always seem to reach for the $3 items, but they really upped their game in terms of cuteness for the price..if that’s even possible. #targetdoesitagain
  3. I used to always love going back-to-school shopping for supplies.. new notebooks, folders, pencils, etc. made me all sorts of happy.  Just me? No? Good! :) Now that I’m no longer in school, my love for paper goods has transitioned into everyday things. Calendars, journals, notepads, cards… I can’t get enough! I get the monthly magazine from Paper Source that I love to browse, Rifle Paper co. is always on my love list & even a new local store, Fancy & Staple, has so many awesome things!
  4. I have always lusted over everything at Anthropologie, & this year I finally have a few items of my very own.  While on our visit to Nashville in the fall, I got to shop in the store which was even more fun than online… I don’t see my love dying anytime soon for this sweet shop. I’m loving these, and this, and these would make a perfect gift for someone you know with a new baby!
  5. After hosting a few events at our house this year, I’d say parties have become a favorite of mine too. I enjoy every part of it; the planning, shopping, decorating, and hosting! There’s always a party to be planned at the Rynearson’s.
  6. Instagram is also a big favorite.. It has transformed into a huge source of inspiration for me.  I like to follow accounts about home decor, and motherhood, and art and other’s so much more than just a place to see what people you know are up to. A few of my favorites are: becki owens, natalie borton,gray malinhand lettered abc’s,studio diybrim papery… I could go on and on.
  7. Coffee is also so much more of a treat for me than it used to be.. I really only started drinking it in college, but even then I didn’t have it every day.  Now, I truly look forward to the time I get in the morning to sip on my coffee & slowly wake up.  & the caffeine is an extra bonus for this sleep-deprived mama.
    8. I was a lot more experimental with cooking last year too.  Maybe it’s that Danny has been a lot more accepting of new flavors, but I made countless new recipes & many of them have made it to our rotation of favorites!
    9. Calligraphy/lettering is another thing that I loved last year.  With our chalkboard wall, a starter calligraphy kit, and recently finding brush lettering, I’ve had lots of fun lettering all different kinds of words and quotes & plan to continue practicing this year.

2015 was a year that I became a mom, I learned a lot about a lot of things, I spent more time doing things that I enjoy creatively, and I started this blog to document it all.. I can only imagine the fun we’ll have in 2016!


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