A Health(ier) Holiday 

oh deerEveryone can admit that it’s hard not to overindulge during the holidays. With the endless options and full-cream versions of side dishes, there’s enough deliciously decadent dishes to get you ’till next year or the next holiday.  I’ve always said that one meal won’t make you fat, just like one won’t make you skinny.. Buuuut it doesn’t hurt to add (or substitute) in a few healthy alternatives for the good of everyone you care about–because they are likely the people sitting across from you at this meal. However, some people, guys I’m talkin’ to you, don’t like change and could care less about their caloric intake from some of their favorite meals of the year…so we (as the cooks) gotta be sneaky!

Here’s a meal you could slip on the table this Christmas for trimming a little fat off the meal without looking like you’re trying to do so.. oh, and the meal I’m planning for my family!

Holiday Cheese Board
Shrimp Cocktail

Pear & Raspberry Salad

Main Course
Prime Rib
Creamy Horseradish & Au Jus

Roasted Mixed Vegetables
Hassleback Potatoes
Dinner Rolls

Pecan Pie
Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

I am in no way saying this would be considered a “diet” menu, however I’m hoping it will be less easy to overindulge by keeping it limited in the number of dishes, using simple ingredients/recipes, & serving it in courses.  Eating slower has shown to decrease the likelihood of over-eating because you’ve given yourself more time to recognize when you’re full.. so I want us to slow down and enjoy the time we spend together & I think serving the meal in courses will do just that. The appetizers will be a healthier start to the meal & enough for people to munch on while the rest is finishing in the oven. The small salad gets everyone started for the main event–Prime rib and two sides with a roll for everyone.  Prime rib may not be the healthiest of meats, but I think serving a smaller portion to each individual will help. Then we will do our gift exchange and finish off with pecan pie & the homemade sugar cookies I made.  I think it’s a perfect balance of delicious & health-conscious.

Now you can get back to your last minute preparations & wrapping for the big day tomorrow. Thankfully, Santa has already made his stop at our house, so I’ll be posted on the couch sipping a glass of wine imagining just how much fun we’re going to have tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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