Friday Finds

Happy Friday!
With Christmas only a week away, hopefully you’ve completed your list and are soaking in the last few days before all hell breaks loose.  If so, here’s a round up of a few fun things I’ve seen this week. And if not, here’s to imagining that list doesn’t exist & procrastinating juust a little longer.

friday finds

I’ve seen santa mugs all over insta, or “the gram” as I’m told, filled to the brim with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Hurry, they’re on sale for 10 bucks & you could use them all winter long!  Danny mentioned how he wanted a matching onesie with Rhett just in conversation the other day and I was heartbroken to find out that he’d actually wear a onesie to our Christmas Eve dinner with his family. I would have totally been on that train!! But it’s too late to make it happen now, so I may have to snatch up a few matching ones for next year :)

     If you’re not like me who plans to stay cozy in my jammies at home, you’re likely looking for something to wear on New Year’s Eve and a sequin mini dress is for sure the go-to outfit.. but how about mixing it up with a maxi skirt and crop top?! With the weather as mild as it’s been recently, I’m sure you could get away with it without being too cold.  Speaking of New Year’s Eve, you’ll be eating, drinking, and smooching all night long so you’ll need a lipstick that stays put. Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick is the bomb.. it doesn’t budge.  And that deep raspberry color would look great on anyone.

And if your little one is looking for their own escape, that canopy would be the perfect addition to any playroom or bedroom.  It comes in pink and also to look like a rocket or even a london phone they’re on sale right now! I’d been scouring the internet to try to find the paperback version of that book for less than $25 and I literally couldn’t find one. So I finally caved and bought the kindle version on Amazon.  It’s a great read.. somewhat repetitive, but very informative.  Like I said earlier this week about studying parenting, it never hurts to be prepared! Finally, a small token of your appreciation for the hostess of your Christmas meal would be an unexpected, but thoughtful gift.. take this along to give to her & it’d be sure to make her smile.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend at home in preparation for the busy week ahead! We’ll be visiting Santa finally & putting the finishing touches on the details for our Christmas meal.. if you’re not already, you can follow along with us on the gram (@ashtonrynearsonhaha.

 It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!


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