The Lob Dilemma

   lob dilemma

I like my hair both short and long for different reasons.  You can relate to that, yes? I loved my long hair because I could style it so many different ways with braids and updos and even pretty ponytails *side note: my hair is fine, but I have A TON of it.*  But I love my short hair because #1 there’s less of it, I can style it fairly quick, and it’s never too hot on my neck or all over Danny’s face in bed haha. Before our wedding, I grew my hair out so that I had enough for the style I wanted, but literally the week after our honeymoon I chopped it all off.. well, my sister did. She is my stylist, so I have unlimited and easy access to someone that can get the job done right–no matter what I throw at her.  When she originally cut it I loved it, but going from having extremely long hair to not even long enough for a pony was a bit of a shock.  

So I grew it out for a few months to be the ever-popular lob.  Which I loved.. not too long and not too short! But the only problem I had with it is that my hair grows too fast to enjoy the cut for an entire 6 weeks.  I’d only have a couple weeks at the length I really liked and then it’d get thrown up in a pony almost every day until my next appointment. I went into the salon last week and told my sister exactly what I just described.  I loved the cut she’d give me, until two weeks down the road when it got just a little longer.  We came up with this solution..since I didn’t mind going a little shorter to begin with, she gave me a blunt almost bob so that as the weeks pass by, it would slowly grow out into a lob! I know that technically speaking it’s not that simple to achieve, but for my daily purposes it’ll definitely work.  Plus then I’d get the really nice blunt look that I wanted in the beginning.  Let me show you what I mean…

via left right

See how the styles appear to be the same length? They both hit right at the shoulder/collar bone.. but if you look closer, the photo on the right has more of a curl so it appears shorter.  I had been asking for it to be cut like the one on the right and then two weeks later it’d be too long.. so here’s where the left photo comes in.   Right now, my hair is shorter like the one on the left & I style it straight or just with a bend in it.. Once it gets a little longer, I’ll be able to curl it a little more and keep it from feeling too long.  See? The perfect solution!

I’m loving my current style situation and I can’t wait to see our plan come to fruition in the next few weeks.  I’d definitely recommend taking this to your stylist if you’re having the same issue with a lob getting too long too quick.. maybe it’s just me with the prenatal vitamins, but maybe not?


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