Weekly Meal Plan


Since living on our own, Danny and I have had a few different ways to “meal plan”.. In college, we’d grocery shop for a few weeks at a time and try to make it last. We’d buy LOTS of frozen stuff. Since then, I’ve come up with a pretty good system that seems to be working not only for our checkbook (will our kids even know what those are?!) but also to maintain a healthier diet.

Recently we tried the 21 day fix which I think really opened our eyes to healthy alternatives and portion control (which was the biggest problem I would say). So on Sundays, we decide what we want, I make the list & shop on Monday for the entire week.  I think this has the benefit of less waste, more variety, and also a focused mindset.  Even so, most weeks we leave one or two days blank for a night of leftovers or if we feel like going out.  Here’s an example of what we plan to do this week:

Monday: Sweet Potato Burritos

Tuesday: Enchiladas + Beans

WednesdayPomegranate & Pear Salad (add chicken!)

Thursday: Chicken Fried Rice + Soup

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Meatloaf + Broccoli

Mondays I try to go meatless, Tuesdays we call “taco Tuesday” which really means we have some type of Mexican dish (Mexican food is our favorite!), & usually we leave the blank day for the weekend.  Also, I have been trying to limit starchy pastas, since we both can go a little overboard in that department & any time I can have a healthier substitute I try to do that– like whole wheat bread/pasta or brown rice! And many of these recipes I follow loosely.. so if it has an ingredient we don’t like I’ll either substitute or remove it, or too much (cheese for example) I’ll half what the recipe calls for & garnish just to be pretty usually gets the boot too.  How we decide if it’s good enough to add to our rotation I ask Danny if he’d “order it again”.  Which can sometimes yield a more meaningful response than a yes or no if he likes it, haha.

Rhett and I are off to go do the shopping.. Speaking of our little guy, he cut his first tooth this weekend !! 



Happy Monday! 

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