Family Portraits

As promised, I’m here to share some of the photos we had taken a few weeks ago.  After the week-long dilemma of what Danny would wear, we finally pulled it all together the night before..phew!

I think they turned out great! We had our wedding photographer take them & it was a quick and*mostly* painless session (see Rhett crying in the bottom pic? yeah, he was still a little wobbly sitting up by himself at this point!)  I was really only concerned with getting one family photo and a few of Rhett to print as gifts for his grandparents for Christmas, so I think she accomplished that.  I choose to do them in front of a studio background for a couple reasons.. a) I wanted something different than what “everyone is doing” b) Since we hadn’t had our pictures taken in a studio before, I thought it’d be good to mix it up & c) The gray background will pair nicely with our home decor. I just placed an order on mpix to have them printed & I can’t wait to get them to hang up!

Oh and our holiday card! card2

Let’s be honest, I won’t get these out in the mail in time so..our e-holiday card haha!


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