El Nino

Long time no talk! We have been battling what feels like the plague throughout the Rynearson household the past week so I’ve been feeling pretty drained.  I’d like to say I’m finally feeling better, but she’s still hangin’ on. ugh. BUT! It’s a new week and there’s too much shopping and wrapping and planning to be done to be sick in bed all day.  So onward and upward we go!

Remember how I said we’d be in the freezing temps from Halloween ’till April? Well, this year we have had unseasonably warmer weather.. and this mama ‘aint complaining.  I guess el nino is what is keeping the mild weather around and supposed to last through January. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had snow and been below freezing, but this is nothing in comparison to most Indiana winters.  Which got me thinking about warm weather and the beach.. so for fun, I’ve rounded up some things that would be useful for mama & baby to take to the beach..  Maybe you’re headed to see the ocean for the first time soon!? Even if you’re not, it’s fun to imagine the wind in your hair and salt on your lips (from the margs of course!)


I think vacation is a great time to bust out the more “trendy” sunglasses..for fun! Plus, squinting gives you wrinkles.. wear some cheap mama shades + baby shades to protect your eyes! This 50 states book would be great if you’re going on a road trip to see the beach or even just to have around for learning the states. A beach radio that you plug your phone into? Genius! Plus it’ll keep your phone safe from the sand and water. I don’t know what is exactly the smartest thing for Rhett to wear to the beach, but I’ll probably try a swim diaper underneath a pair trunks + hat.. it seems like a good idea!? I’d get this swimsuit for myself; it’s got a fun pattern and is a one piece to mask the “extra” I have from the baby without feeling like I’m a nun. A drink spike for said marg. Baby powder to easily get the sand off baby’s feet when it’s time to go in, a fan to keep everyone cool if there isn’t a breeze, & beach pails for the inevitable sand castle papa will help build.  This beach bag is made of canvas and looks big enough to hold all these little items with extra space.. & I like the print. I’ve heard that turkish towels are the best beach towels to spread out for everyone to sit together and last but not least, both mama & baby need their own donut float + crab float for relaxing back up at the pool.

We have our first family beach vacation scheduled for Memorial Day weekend next year.. right after Rhett’s first birthday.  So I’ll definitely be coming back in a few months to order some of these goodies! You can never be too prepared for things like this.  Luckily, we are going to the beach that Danny’s grandma lives at so we won’t feel too isolated.. Danny grew up going to visit her, so it’s very exciting for him to take his own baby for the first time!


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